How I Automate My Emails in Gmail {VIDEO}

I can’t even remember a time before Gmail, well, yes I can, I was using Hotmail with some username I created in the last 90s. It wasn’t cute.

Gmail has come a long way in what they offer and there are some seriously amazing things you can do inside your inbox now that you might not know about.

Today I want to share how I use both built-in Gmail features and outside applications to send automated emails, schedule sends, and create templates so responding to common questions is way easier.

How I Automate my emails in gmail

To make things easier (and because this is totes a visual thing) I’ve created a YouTube video you can watch below.

Some of the ways I use Gmail and advanced features with add ons:

  • Sending emails to the future

  • Creating canned email responses

  • Sending confidential & password protected emails

  • How to send money through email with GPay

  • How to insert a GIF directly into emails

  • Notes

  • Email reminders

  • CRM integrations

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