In a world full of pressure to always do more, there's a pure sense of liberation in doing less more powerfully.


To-do lists tell us what we think we should be doing but systems help us strategize.

Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment, where real progress, self-growth, care, and awareness take place. Let me show you how to combine them to organize and streamline the chaos into a life that makes you feel calm & collected.



I created the MPB after countless life lessons that boiled down to one thing: Life is so much more enjoyable when the little things are taken care of. 

Think about it, stress tends to pile up when you're:

  • 😩Overwhelmed with too much on your plate

  • 😭Annoyed with the details you forgot about but suddenly need to take care of at the last minute

  • 🧐Not sure what you're missing

  • 😕Frustrated by how easy things are to actually take care of but you don't seem to have the time

  • 😴Tired of feeling so mentally drained over the basic day-to-day stuff

  • 🙄Resentful of small details you didn't track that led to major pain-in-the-ass moments

  • 😤At the edge of your rope when all you really need to do is take care of your self but it feels like an impossible feat 

  • Let's change the narrative!

  • I work with clients just like you 1:1, in groups, and in my Membership Site the Mindful Productivity Hub to help you manage the chaos, reduce stress, organize your time, and FEEL more joyful on a daily basis.

Sarah Steckler
Mindfulness Practitioner
Productivity Strategist
Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Author / Podcaster


Current Possibilities

The Mindful Productivity Hub


Learn more about the monthly course resource library and community that can guide you toward living more mindfully, feeling more productive, and embracing a life with more YOU in it.



  • Goal and intention setting
  • Mindfulness Meditations to come back to again and again
  • Monthly accountability challenges to boost your productivity
  • Self-paced courses 

Done for you services


Be on the lookout for a new way to take ownership of your life with custom services catered to helping you manage the details, get organized, and have peace of mind. 



  • Custom habit trackers and personal lifestyle systems
  • Financial self-care / budget overview and re-organization
  • Custom created mindful meditations, pep talks, and breathing exercises
  • Custom Trello boards to manage your workflow both personally and professionally
  • Tech tutorials catered to your needs

Mental Detox Sessions


Get full support, guidance, mentoring, and personalized coaching.


  • Personalized Coaching 
  • Voxer Access
  • Guided action steps and accountability
  • Clarity, focus, and guided support