In a world full of pressure to always do more, there's a pure sense of liberation in doing less more powerfully.


To-do lists tell us what we think we should be doing but systems help us strategize.

Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment, where real progress, self-growth, care, and awareness take place. Let me show you how to combine them to organize and streamline the chaos into a life that makes you feel calm & collected.



I created the MPB after countless life lessons that boiled down to one thing: Life is so much more enjoyable when the little things are taken care of. 

Think about it, stress tends to pile up when you're:

  • Overwhelmed with too much on your plate

  • Annoyed with the details you forgot about but suddenly need to take care of at the last minute

  • Not sure what you're missing

  • Frustrated by how easy things are to actually take care of but you don't seem to have the time

  • Tired of feeling so mentally drained over the basic day-to-day stuff

  • Resentful of small details you didn't track that led to major pain-in-the-ass moments

  • At the edge of your rope when all you really need to do is take care of your self but it feels like an impossible feat 



Sarah Steckler
Mindful Productivity Coach


Allow me to take you on a brief journey as we follow the somewhat typical lifestyle of Person A, we'll call them PA for short. Here's the thing about PA, they have their life together, kind of. Most days feel pretty chaotic but stuff gets done.

They feel somewhat successful within the daily minutia and yeah there are things that get overlooked but it's because they are super busy, and busy feels good, it makes them feel needed, important... like they're really making daily progress toward... whatever it is they are reaching for.

Busy also feels safe (but they aren't aware of this yet). 

Busy means they always have something they have to be doing which means its okay that they haven't taken time for other things, like fully grieving the death of their father, sitting down with themselves and setting solid personal boundaries (especially with their friendships), and truly taking a look at what they stand for.

Life feels simple enough and the chaos is fun, adventurous, who wants to have it all together anyway?

But then PA goes through a pretty big life change.

Suddenly there's now even MORE chaos, details, and things to tackle, but the structure is now taken away.

All those issues of the past seem like a dream compared to the things PA has to tackle now, without guidance.

PA finds themselves in a new chapter of their lives feeling completely... lost and honestly, pretty damn helpless.

It's a whirlwind of self-doubt, frustration, resentment, and an unrelenting feeling that no one else could possibly understand.

PA can't seem to keep up with their former way of doing things because mentally, they are overwhelmed, exhausted, coping, and straight up scared that life may never be as easy and fun ever again.

In fact, daily tasks and sometimes basic self-care feel like HUGE goals and their energy and ability to focus is draining by the minute.



There are 3 main sections to the journey PA found themselves on and I want to break them down for you even further. Because once you understand where YOU are or might be without realizing it, you'll be able to fast track your way into a more mindful, productive, and less stressful daily reality.

1) Person A was content in the chaos and absorbed by the glorified title of "being busy."

Common mindsets:

  • I don't have time for myself 
  • Everything else is more important
  • Life is out of my control but that's just the way it is
  • People who have more time on their hands aren't happy and they lack purpose / drive / discipline
  • If I was less busy, I'd have to face things that are uncomfortable

2) Person A went through a sudden major life change that jolted their ability to feel in control of their current way of living

A few examples:

  • Moving
  • Starting or ending a relationship
  • Having or adopting a child
  • Being diagnosed with an illness, chronic pain, or discovering a mental health issue
  • Going back to school or starting a new job/career

3) Person A has to "start over" and/or adjust to this new phase of life with completely unknown circumstances and untraveled roads

Things that can start to happen:

  • Feeling overwhelmed and incapable... even helpless
  • Feeling isolated by individual or life circumstances
  • Not knowing what's possible anymore or where to start
  • Not feeling supported or understood
  • Wanting to take care of the basics but not having the mental energy
  • Temporarily "giving up" - feeling a lack of ownership over their life
  • Feeling as if things are always happening "to" and "against" them




I spent the majority of my 20s in chaos and "look at me being so busy" mode. It did feel adventurous, fun, and liberating... until it didn't.

Once I hit my late 20s and early 30s I knew a LOT had to change.

When I realized that I didn't need to do MORE to shift and instead, just had to be mindful of where and what I put my energy into, everything did change.

Life became simpler, more manageable, and when sh*t did hit the fan, the basic stuff was taken care of.



Living a life fueled by Mindful Productivity means that I:

  • No longer stress over routine tasks like paying bills, keeping up with household stuff, or keeping my email organized
  • For the most part, know what I need to do on any given day or week and when I don't, I have a system in place to reference
  • Take time to slow down and do nothing without feeling guilty about it
  • Make self-care a priority instead of something that only gets to happen once I accomplish X..Y...Z....
  • Can take a deep breath when I find out we're moving again or have a giant medical expense because again, there are plans in place and I know what and where my resources are
  • Know where things are (and how to quickly find them) in my digital world, on my computer, on my phone, and in my email
  • Feel liberated to be my true self, express my passions, speak my mind, and still feel confident even when others don't fully agree or I'm not supported by everyone on earth
  • Have a place to store and be aware of the details and inner workings of my life without it feeling overbearing
  • Say no to things I don't want to do, support, or engage in --- and in doing so become the best version of myself to those around me
  • Have time for the things I enjoy, the people I love, and the books I've been meaning to read for years
  • Can tap into mindful practices, exercises, rituals, and routines that calm my mind, ease my soul, and tame anxious moments
  • Feel confident in setting (and executing) goals, new habits, and planning ahead both in my business and personal life

Current Possibilities

The Mindful Productivity Hub


Learn more about the monthly course resource library and community that can guide you toward living more mindfully, feeling more productive, and embracing a life with more YOU in it.



  • Goal and intention setting
  • Mindfulness Meditations to come back to again and again
  • Monthly accountability challenges to boost your productivity
  • Self-paced courses 

Done for you services


Be on the lookout for a new way to take ownership of your life with custom services catered to helping you manage the details, get organized, and have peace of mind. 



  • Custom habit trackers and personal lifestyle systems
  • Financial self-care / budget overview and re-organization
  • Custom created mindful meditations, pep talks, and breathing exercises
  • Custom Trello boards to manage your workflow both personally and professionally
  • Tech tutorials catered to your needs

1:1 Coaching & Mentor Sessions


Get full support, guidance, mentoring, and personalized coaching.


  • 30 Minute weekly 1:1 calls 
  • Unlimited Voxer Access
  • Guided action steps and accountability
  • Clarity, focus, and guided support