Rock Solid Life Lessons That Will Help You Move Mountains

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our power. These are 10 Life Lessons I’ve learned over the past 30 years that may be just what you need to hear today.

10 Rock Solid Life Lessons

This list is adapted from a popular blog post: 27 Life Lessons I Learned in 30 Years….

  1. Doing what you want is so much more important than doing what you think you should do.

  2. Some of the decisions you make that bring you the most happiness will be followed by the least amount of support by your peers. DO THEM ANYWAY.

  3. There’s a power in stillness that you often cannot find in any action you could take. Take time to witness it when you can.

  4. Public “failure” is a ritual worth partaking in. You’ll learn, you’ll expand. If you’ve never failed in front of anyone you haven’t gotten into the sweet spot yet.

  5. Burning bridges can be vitally necessary to your health, happiness, and career. Burn baby burn 🔥

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  6. If you find something you like doing, do it, make time for it, revel in it.

  7. You are so much more than what you family has told you can be be. The construct of being “more” or “less” evaporates when you are true to you.

  8. Find what you’re passionate about and give with as much of your heart as you can 💕

  9. Let go of the desire to be “right” all the time. It’s wasting your energy and draining your soul.

  10. Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Sometimes the middle is a long son of a bitch.

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Sarah Steckler