See what happens when we combine the science of mindfulness with the power of productivity

You're busy, I get it

What if there was a better way, an easier way, to live each day with more intention and ease?

I'm here to help you tackle the overwhelming details that often turn into stress, chaos, and daily resentment all while showing you how you can live a mindful & intentional life in the process

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Need help getting back to a solid self-care practice? Let me introduce you to the power of combining mindfulness and productivity! Join me in my free course, the Self-Care Reboot!

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Kind Words

Sarah is amazing, she listens without judgement, sets time aside and is great at listening to your words and summing them up. She helps you come up with solutions and challenges you (in a very safe way). There really are no words for how much Sarah has helped me. She has a gift of listening and understanding.

-Wendy H.

I really mean it! Your coaching helped me to gain confidence and take steps towards what I want in life. I know I wouldn't be at my dream job (and have taken the risk of moving half way across the country) if it wasn't for your help!

-Lena M. 


Sarah is positive, enthusiastic, down to earth and relatable, guiding instead of leading, so nice to feel I am being heard. This experience has helped me realize how important it is to truly focus on myself sometimes, to think about what is truly working and what's not working. I can see so much benefit in the process that Sarah has helped me discover. Talking with Sarah has helped me prioritize my everyday and my goals for the future. I am able to more confidently plan.

-Katherine V.


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