Episode 34: Mindfulness & Mental Health with Lauren Stewart

Mindfulness may be something you've heard of but it's not always something that's talked about in conjunction with mental health. We hear about meditation, self-awareness, and deep-breathing practices but what about some of the more basic things we can do especially if you're working through things like anxiety, depression, or ADHD.

Today Lauren Stewart joins us and we talk ALL about ways to practice mindfulness with mental health in mind. We also share our personal experiences with both anxiety and depression and talk about ways you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily life.

Lauren is a writer and mental health advocate who aims to make mindfulness and self-care easier for everyone. On her website Modern Day Om, she shares simple and accessible tips for helping others be more kind to themselves and live their best lives. She regularly shares her personal experiences with social anxiety, disordered eating, and ADHD, and is a huge proponent of body positivity and intuitive eating. Lauren is also a co-host of the Voices of Mental Health podcast, which features important mental health topics and stories from real people. 

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