Episode 29: Street Art, Self-Love, & Self-Care With Mary England

Mary England is HANDS DOWN one of the most interesting and colorful people I've ever met in my life. She's hilarious, down-to-earth, and a ball of wisdom. I'm SO excited to share this episode with you! 

Stay tuned to hear us talk about:

  • The magic of street art and how it can impact your life

  • Mary's love of yarn bombing

  • The art of impermanence

  • Re-thinking body positivity

  • Where and why we often seek external validation

  • The skinny bias

  • The difference between being stress and depression

  • Creating your mandatory self-care list

  • How to show up for someone who's going through a mental illness

Street Art, Self-Love, & Self-Care With Mary England.png

Mary England is a professional Merriment Maker, who after twenty-years of mental illness and work in the psych industry, has dedicated her life to making other people happy. Through blogging, 1:1 coaching, street art, and leaving a literal trail of glitter wherever she goes, she helps people fall head over heels with their bodies, choices, lives... the way they already are.

Links to mentioned during the show: