How to Create a Buddha Book for Daily Zen + Happiness with FREE Creation Checklist!

The world of journaling is a magical place. No matter what your interests, beliefs, or desires, a journal can help you build a deeper sense of awareness and creativity in your life. And here's the fun part:


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I started getting back into journaling about a year ago after more than a decade of putting it to the side. Funny how we do things as kids and young adults and then find other shiny objects to chase after, only to come back to what originally made our hearts happy.

I keep several journals that I use on a weekly basis for appointments and homework, daily reflection, goals, things I want to do, and tons of endless lists. If I'm alone in a book or craft store, I cannot be trusted. A pretty cover and well woven pages mean my pocketbook is about to be lighter.

Over the past year I've been studying the practice of Buddhism and the art of mindfulness, meditation, and many ways of being that I've found serve my mentality and lifestyle well. There were so many endless things I was learning that I felt overwhelmed and didn't know how to start collecting everything in an organized way.

Which is what inspired my creation of my Buddha Book and today I want to share with you how easy it is to make one along with the fun and inspiration it can add to your creative life!

So what do I mean when I say Buddha Book? It can really mean anything to you. My personal use of it is to remind myself of my intentions, beliefs, and rituals I want to incorporate into my daily and weekly life. Many of which are inspired my Buddhist teachings and beliefs. However, this journal is your own and whatever speaks to you is yours to incorporate :)

Below is a video walkthrough of my journal. You can also scroll down to see pictures and explanations of each page.

First, find a journal that speaks to you...

When you're out looking for a journal, take time to let one speak to you. No this doesn't have to be completely ritualistic but I find it fun and creative to let my intuition guide me. The gold journal I found here was at the very bottom of a shelf at Target all by itself. When I picked it up, I loved the weight and the feel of it. I love that it's on the smaller side and can easily slide into my purse.


Print pictures that have meaning and heart for you...

This picture representing the 7 Chakras is beautiful to me. While I'm still learning about the meanings and have much to learn, I love running my fingers over each one and reading the quote beneath it. It reads:

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy of kindness. - The Dalai Lama


Think about what you wish to let go of...

Daily reminders of what serves us and what creates mental clutter and suffering can be a vital way to re-center yourself and create more positivity in your life. I found a beautiful piece of art that reminds me to "let go" and around it wrote down the things that I want to let go of when my mind becomes obsessive.


Get creative with stickers, quotes, and washi tape...

I have a growing collection of washi tape and many people ask me what I use it for. It's fun to use as decorative tape in journals, handwritten letters, or to add zest to just about anything. I find and collect stickers at the Dollar Store, Target Dollar Spot, craft stores, and on Etsy!


Collect quotes from books, articles, and images that inspire the sh$t out of you...

I'm a believer in highlighting and writing in books I own. I think it adds value and worth to a book. I actually love getting used books and finding notes in the margins. To think about how many people touched one single book and had it impact their life is one of those magical instances of the human experience.


Write lists of things you want to remember, ways you want to be, teachings that inspire you...

In the book, Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana, he speaks of the components of attitude that lead to less suffering, a deeper sense of awareness, and more mindful behavior. It was one of those things that I found both inspiring and challenging and something I want to work towards more. The beauty of creating a Buddha Book is that these things don't have to be perfect. They can be messy, they may be things you never perfect, but they can inspire you in limitless ways.


Take it with you to places for reflection...

I love to take my journal down to the water on the dock, to the park, or out on a drive where I explore new places. It's fun to hold it in my hands, read the reminders, and dream/manifest my intentions and desires. There's no reason your life can't be full of creative magic and it doesn't have to make sense or logic. What makes you feel good, alive, and abundant has more power and meaning than you know.

For the images I used in my book, you can follow me on Pinterest and check out my "Buddha Book" board for more inspiration!


Sarah Steckler