The Most Common Productivity Myths that Keep You From Getting Things Done

In simple terms productivity means the state or quality of producing something effectively. That something can mean anything from how productive you are with your time, your energy management, or getting things done at work or in your own business.

Yet when I see the word productivity on Instagram (my fav place to hangout online) I see a lot of assumptions about it. It often gets tied to the glorification of being busy, to hustling, or to being a slave to your to-do list.

But true productivity, mindful productivity is FAR from that.

Today I want to get real with some of the biggest myths about productivity that may be keeping you from getting things done or actually looking at productivity strategies that could seriously help you streamline your life, boost your mental energy, and allow you to get more done.

The Most Common Productivity Myths that Keep You From Getting Things Done

Myth # 1: Productivity Tips / Hacks / Strategies are for Type A Personalities


Look I get it. Not everyone geeks out over goal-setting, habit-tracking, and measuring data points. I’m different in that way to a lot of people. Data is a beautiful thing that can lead to self-awareness and informed decision-making.

But what if you’re…. not that kind of person? Productivity doesn’t have to feel urgent, stressful, or overwhelming. In fact, that’s the main goal of it in the first place, to avoid those things. The main reason I created this site was to help people understand the concepts of Mindful Productivity. Of being able to take action, stay consistent, and SEE results without it all having to be about numbers, CRMS, or project management software (even though omg I love those things).

If you lean more Type B, productivity can absolutely be something that helps you out. In fact, it will allow you to “go with the flow” even more because the details will be managed and taken care of.

Myth # 2: Productivity is For People Who Love Being Busy

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Error: This is a huge fallacy! Productivity strategies are for people who are tired of doing busy work and want to actually spend LESS time working. By creating a game plan for what you truly want to accomplish you’ll start the process of creating a plan for execution. And when you have a plan, guess what?! You no longer have to spend random amounts of time starting at a computer screen or standing in the jelly isle trying to make a choice because you’ll know what you need to do to reach the end goal.

Myth # 3: Productivity Strategies KILL Creativity


When I was in High School I took a creative writing class and I was super excited until our teacher gave us our first writing assignment with all of these rules! What?! How was I supposed to be creative inside the constraints of a container?! Surprisingly it became one of the easiest assignments to complete and my creativity soared! Instead of starring at a blank Word Document and not knowing where to begin, the assignment gave me “bumpers” as if I was bowling that allowed me to know the boundaries of the work. Instead of hindering my creativity, it allowed me to take clear and focused action and be creative WITHIN that space. I was amazed and super surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

When you have processes and systems in place (like a daily brain dump to boost your creativity and focus) for your creative work (especially the backend details outside the scope of the creative project itself), you give yourself a whole field of mental energy to play with because there are fewer decisions to be made.

Myth # 4: Being More Productive Involves Using Tools & Software I’d Hate Working With

woman planner

Truth time. I used to think this, too. And for years I snubbed the idea of even getting more organized in my personal life because I didn’t like the idea of being “that” person who organized so many details. Little did I know that I’d later enjoy and actually have FUN getting clear on the details of my goals. I’m not saying that I’m the Monica of digital organization, but I do love to stay on top of what I’m working on from a bigger vantage point.

Being mindfully productive means finding tools, resources, and yes even software (or planners) that can help you manage the details, be intentional, and fine-tune your routines and daily habits. You don’t have to use fancy complicated systems or Kaban-Style project management techniques to get more done and feel good about doing so. It’s all about what makes the most sense for your goals, your personality, and your unique ambition.

If you were on the fence about productivity before, I hope this may have changed your mind about what being productive can look like for you!

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