Zero to Zen

A 21-Day Online Live Program to Organize Your Life


Ever feel like you get burnt out before you even get started?

Think you need months to move the needle and organize your mind and daily life?


In 21 days you’ll go from overwhelmed to focused action with solid self-care and organizational strategies to declutter your mind, home, and organize all your ideas.

I’ll break down the process of having ALL THE IDEAS and “SHOULDS” into the best steps to take to move the needle forward.

You’ll be taking action and getting more done than you have in a lonnnnnng time.

Zero to Zen is a 21-Day Group Program designed to help you organize your life, ideas, and desires, and break down big picture goals into daily action steps, tasks and workflows.

This is a program for humans who want to take ACTION on being consistent with self-care, their to-do list, and stepping forward into their next creative project whether it’s just for a fun or a side hustle.

You’ll learn how to manage your time, create a system and workflow for the things you need to do to stay on top of your goals and make yourself a priority in the process.

Plus, you’ll have a ton of fun and meet other amazing humans who want to do the exact same thing! Aka big time dream chasers!

The Breakdown:

Each week you’ll get a brand live new lesson from me in our Private Facebook Group with a challenge to keep you accountable. You’ll have support and feedback from your peers, and get the nudge you need to take action with step-by-step plans and worksheets already formatted for you. Bottom line: You’ll be DOING and not just learning.

We’ll cover:

  • Creating a theme and purpose for your work in the world with tutorials on creating digital dream board materials to help you manifest what you want

  • How to map out your morning and evening routine with weekly challenges to take your days to the next level

  • Self-Care workflows and productivity techniques to help you stay on track and bring balance to your days along with all my favorite resources

  • Decluttering Your Mind & Home through powerful organization, and clearing strategies


What’s included:

  • 3 Weekly LIVE Lessons in the FB Group followed by Q&A at the end

  • Workbooks, workflow templates, and tutorials to build structure

  • Supportive peers for accountability, support, and having fun

  • Replays to all live lessons and all program materials in an organized course shell for you to access until the end of time



The Schedule:

We’ll start Thursday, November 1st and continue through the 21st. If you are unable watch along during any of the live sessions in in the Facebook Group, don’t worry, all replays will be available and you can get all the support you need in the Private Facebook Group!


Your Group Leader, Coach, and Productivity Strategist:

Hi love! I’m Sarah Steckler! If you haven’t met me yet, allow me to introduce myself. I’m a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner & Productivity Strategist. I help individuals organize all areas of their life through something I call Mindful Productivity, or the art of bring intention and self-care into productivity strategies. When we do this kind of work we not only reach our goals but we also FEEL SO GOOD during the process. We expand instead of burning out. We jump out of bed instead of hitting snooze and we set boundaries in our lives that make us feel confident and energized.