Mindful Productivity Planner


The Mindful Productivity Planner is an undated planner that will guide you toward planning with intention on your terms. Start (and pause) your planning when you need to. Let go of feeling like you're "behind" because you missed a week. This planner allows you to work through your schedule as life ebbs and flows.

Included in this planner:

  • Index and page numbers to easily find your place

  • 12 Monthly Calendars

  • 12 Month at a Glance pages

  • 12 Monthly Reflection & Intention Setting Pages to deepen your mindfulness practice with guided prompts

  • 12 Monthly Bucket Lists with ideas allow the way

  • 12 Monthly Habit Trackers

  • 12 Monthly Success & Gratitude Lists

  • 12 Inspirational Quote Pages

  • 52 weekly spreads with self-care reminders

  • Notes & List Pages for ideas, tasks, and reference

  • Handy 8x10 inch size

  • 230 pages

Listen to episode 50 of the Podcast where I talk about how to use the success list included in the planner!

Mindful Productivity Planner Pages
Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 7.44.47 PM.png
Mindful Productivity Planner
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.34.11 AM.png
Mindful Productivity Planner

Hi Sarah! It's so crazy because I was trying to find a journal that would help me track my habits a little better and couldn't for the life of me find one. Then I saw you post the contents of your planner on Instagram and I saw the habit tracker and was like, I need this one! Plus, not being stuck with printed dates is awesome. ;) Thank you for all you do! I love everything you post and your podcast is AMAZING. -Kristy Smith

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