The Self-Care Alignment

Create a consistent self-care practice you can stick to.


Tired of feeling stuck in what feels like a never-ending vortex of reacting to what life is throwing at you without any true time for yourself?

  • Not sure where to start to get your self-care on track (for real this time)?

  • Feel like “having time for yourself” is a legend you’ve been trying to find the secret to?

  • Not getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, or taking care of yourself the way you know you should be?

Then this program is for you.

 The problem with a lot of programs out there is that they assume we’ve all got the same 24-hours. We all know this isn’t really true. Your 24 hours looks a lot different depending on kids, work-life balance, stuff you’re into, and how many more amazing shows Netflix is going to keep cranking out. (Also, when is the Handmaid’s Tale coming back?!)

 But you’re in luck. Because this program has all of that in mind.

✔️Like the REAL mindset work that needs to be done in order for you embrace who you are and make time for yourself (aka dropping the guilt)

✔️How to consistently take action daily toward your self-care goals (and the lofty ones you’ve only told strangers at Target - the cashiers there must know ALL the secrets)

✔️ How to eliminate shiny object syndrome and learn how to set priorities

✔️ What to do when overwhelm strikes (like the kind that makes you want to eat a bag of chips and judge everyone on the Bachelorette) and how to turn it into an action plan

✔️ How to set a bedtime routine you’ll stick to because no one likes bedtimes (unless you’re my Bulldog who gets peanut butter treats every night)

✔️ The ins and outs of creating long-lasting and sustainable change. Because nothing is exciting (or helpful) if it only lasts 3.5 days.


Plus I skip the mind-numbingly long videos and fluff that can feel oh-so-boring. We get straight to the good stuff. (Like waffles, we get straight to the waffles)

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Sarah Steckler

As a former (and sometimes current) perfectionist, overeater, and anxiety-ridden human, I knew I wanted a process that I could come back to again and again to help keep me on track with basic self-care, expansive goal-setting, and reaching my dreamy dream goals.


Yes, that’s right. I won’t sit here on the other side of this pretty page and pretend I’m a perfect human and if you just listen to me you can be one, too!

Because we all know it doesn’t work like that.

Back in 2015 I had one of the worst bouts of depression in my entire life. I could not get out of bed for nearly 6-months. I struggled to get things done, lacked motivation, and was riddled with anxiety anytime I had to actually go do things.

Self-Care is what saved me. And not the “oooo look at me using a bathbomb kind” - I’m talking about getting REAL real with myself, doing the mindset work, taking micro steps, and bringing myself back to center.

All of this is to say - I get it. Life sucks a giant (insert inappropriate animal part here) sometimes and having a path forward can mean everything.

After going through my Master’s Program in Health & Wellness Coaching and doing the inner-work myself, I realized that much of these things could be formatted in a way that brings structure to my daily life.

I’m all for “ease and flow” until I easily don’t want to do things anymore. That’s when having a system in place really keeps me on track and prevents me from falling back into a dark place where not even the funniest episode of the Office can bring me back.


What did I do to finally move forward and
get out of this funk?

✨I stopped trying to be perfect, I stopped reading anything and everything online, and got I focused on taking solid daily action steps toward feeling better

✨ I got real with the mental chatter going on in my head and realized how much I was fueling a negative mentality that wasn’t serving me (or anyone in my household)

✨ I learned how to create action plans that left me feeling excited, motivated, and most importantly got me to take ACTION in easy ways that brought me closer to better mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health each day


So… is it really possible to use a program like this to outline my self-care and actually change my life?

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 6.13.44 PM.png

You betcha!

Here’s the thing. Yes, my life circumstances are different from yours. No, I haven’t gone through everything you have but the strategies, exercises, video lessons, and workbooks in this program WILL work for you because they all tie in to the human experience and how our brains are wired.



This isn’t just another online course or program. It’s me showing up in your life and guiding you through a life-changing process to better your self-care and mental health. It’s me being in your phone or on your computer serving as your personal coach through it all with continued course updates and added materials.


This course will teach you the fundamentals of loving yourself and making self-care a priority and will get you to finally take action toward living the life you want. Hint: It’s day-to-day stuff that matters and makes the biggest impact on your health. Why not allow yourself to focus your energy on where you are now!

Whether your goal is to be the most productive person you know with an outlined hour-by-hour plan or you just want to make sure you’re drinking enough water and taking time for yourself each week, this course is here help you make it all happen!


Does it happen overnight? No. Does it require that you put in the work and go through the materials? Yes! Can you make the time to do the work and create the life you want? Heck yes you can!

I’ve done it and I keep doing it. So can you!

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 To sum it up, here’s what you’ll learn and implement in
the Self-Care Alignment:


Step 1:

Learn the Mindset Shifts you need for success

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Step 2:

Get clear on your self-care assessment, where you need to start, and the specifics of each area and what they all entail

Untitled (2).png

Step 3:

Strategically map out your first 30-Day Self-Care Action plan with guided instructions, color-coded printable calendars, and ideas for rituals to boost your health and happiness.

Untitled (4).png

Step 4:

Step into daily self-care and watch the magic happen. Go through the bigger course lessons that help you uplevel your mindset, crush limiting beliefs, and set goals that lead to transformations you never thought you’d be capable of actually sticking to and accomplishing.

You’ll also learn how to….

Untitled (5).png

Bring yourself back down to self-care basics and have a plan in place for when sh*t hits the fan or when life gets rough

Untitled (9).png

Create a self-care task bank for every area of your self-care broken down so you always know what to do when one area of your life feels off

Untitled (11).png

Shift habits and routines that aren’t serving you into new ones that are aligned with your wellness goals

Untitled (10).png

Identify any barriers to change that might be holding you back or preventing you from moving forward. It’s like having a coach guide you through the process but at your own pace.

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Here’s what you get when you enroll in the Self-Care Alignment:

✔️12 Modules full of short, easy to follow, step-by-step lessons and worksheets to help you shift your mindset, take action on mapping out your self-care plan, and learn everything you need to know to create solid plans and sustainable change in your daily life.

✔️ A Private Facebook Group just for students so you can find support and feedback and get all of your questions answered.

✔️ Instant access to all materials right away so you can work through the course at your own pace and create a schedule around it that works best for you

✔️ Workbooks that guide you through video exercises so you’re never left wondering what to do next

What I want you to know about the Self-Care Alignment

Want to see what each module has in store for you?

These 12 core modules are valued at $2000!
Not to mention the sweet sweet bonuses!

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MODULE 1: Shifting Your Mindset for Success

In this module we’ll be diving into the essential mindset shifts you need to make in order to make self-care a priority, drop the guilt, and put yourself first. These five lessons are full of real truths, perspectives, and exercises geared to help you not only understand but embody what it means to be the person that shows up for yourself daily and consistently.

You’ll learn about my self-care framework called the Self-Care Waffle Cone that flips the script on how we look at self-care, take action, make changes, and set ourselves up for success.


MODULE 2: Your Self-Care Assessment

Chances are you’ve probably done one of these in the past but I doubt you’ve gotten this clear, and mapped out all the details I walk you through. We’ll be going through the 8 main components of self-care and overall wellness, what they look like, sub-categories, and how each one can teach you more about what you need right now. I’ll be walking you through examples, questions to consider and journal out, and you’ll walk away with clarity and a strong sense of accomplishment that will be the foundation of your self-care practice long-term.


MODULE 3: Handling Overwhelm & Creating Daily Self-Care Tasks

It’s hard to just “snap out” of feeling overwhelmed if we don’t have a game plan. In lesson 1 of this module I’ll be walking you through quick and easy ways to handle overwhelm and declutter your mind. These mindset shifts and exercises will ease you into focus mode and remove all that mental plaque you’ve been working around in your mind. In lesson 2 I’ll be guiding you through the most powerful tasks you can do for inner peace and wellbeing.

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MODULE 4: Mapping Out Your 30-Day Self-Care Action Plans

Everything you’ve completed leading up to this module will now come full circle as you put the mindsets and exercises to use. This module is where the action happens. We’ll be creating your daily task bank, you’ll learn the 3 phases of self-care, where to start, and know exactly which daily tasks to make a priority as you move forward. Say “buh-bye” to the overwhelm of not knowing what to do first and feel the power of accepting and starting from where you are. It’s a game-changer.

You’ll also learn how to structure out and create rituals in your life and I’ll walk you through some of the most powerful rituals you can use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to up your self-care to another level.


MODULE 5: Taming Negative Self-Talk

Ever feel like that voice in your head seems to get louder even after years of feeling in control of it? We’ll work through real ways to tame negative self-talk and use it as a partner instead of an enemy you have to fight against. You’ll learn about the neuroplasticity in your brain and learn powerful research-backed exercises to rewire your thinking and your brain.


MODULE 6: Enhance Your Sleep Quality & Routine

Trying to get enough sleep is one thing but actually getting a full restful and deep nights sleep consistently will impact your productivity, mood, and overall health more than ever. In this module we’ll walk through the importance of sleep hygiene, what it means, how your circadian rhythm affects your sleep quality and daily actions you can take to get synced up to your sleep cycle.

I’ll guide you through a sleep quality worksheet and game plan, lead you through a nightly body scan exercise to calm your body and mind, and share some solid ways you can quiet mental chatter and a few things you can do during the day that will prevent your brain from raging when you’re trying to get those ZZzzs.


MODULE 7: Setting SMART Goals that Don’t Suck

A lot of the things we hear about setting SMART goals miss the mark or are such blanket statements that they don’t resonate with us. In this module, I walk you through the finer details of setting smart goals and teach you ways to set goals that make sense from both a logistical and emotional level. You’ll learn how to set up a clear game plan that leaves any self-doubt behind.

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MODULE 8: How to Set Powerful Intentions

What is the main difference between setting a goal and setting an intention? Are intentions measurable? Where do I even begin? This module covers all areas of intentions. Learn how to set daily intentions, the framework of a powerful intention, what questions to ask yourself to set an intention that actually works, examples to get you started, and a complete intention setting workbook that guides you through the entire process.

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MODULE 9: Shifting Habits

Shifting our habits only seems hard because it requires energy around building our awareness. Learn the biggest misconceptions about habits, the 4 core elements of how a habit is built, the habit cycle, and use my Habit Declaration Worksheet again and again to create habits that stick. You’ll learn how to set reminders for habits, how to make them consistent, and some of the roadblocks that keep us from shifting out of habits that don’t serve us.

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MODULE 10: Creating Sustainable Change

Knowing your habits is one thing, creating sustainable change is the key to success in reaching your highest joy. In this module you’ll learn the 3 key elements of creating sustainable change, the 3 components that will fuel change for you, and the main way decision-making can be zapping your energy and preventing you from taking consistent action.


MODULE 11: Identifying Barriers to Change

I’m with you through the entire process of self-awareness, habit formation, action-shifting, mindset, and even the barriers and roadblocks you may face or that will come up along the way. In this module, we’ll talk about the 5 barriers that can keep you from shifting actions and behaviors, how to eliminate shiny object syndrome, and a complete step-by-step process for getting clear on your time management for the tasks you need to prioritize each day. The workbook and video walkthroughs will help you get super specific on exactly what you need to do and when.

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MODULE 12: Lifting Limiting Beliefs

This 9 lesson module will transform the way you think about what you’re capable of and allow you to let go of some subconscious stories you may be telling yourself that have held you back in the past. You’ll learn how to define limiting beliefs, where they come from, how to identify them in your own life and remove the barriers to your beliefs. You’ll learn a quick exercise you can use to shift a small limiting belief, and learn the process you can use to shift a deeper limiting belief that may be impacting you on all levels.


Plan Your Best Quarter Ever!

Plan Your Best Quarter Ever! ($125 Value)

Map out your goals, habits, and priorities for the next 3 months and get clear on what you’ll do to feel good and stay consistent. This course includes a workbook and 4 video lessons that walk you through the process step-by-step. Learn how to improve your time management skills and get clear on what you’ll be doing and WHEN so you can make the most of your weekends and carve out time for yourself!

Mindful Meditations Mockup.png

Mindful Meditations ($29 Value)

Sink into deep sleep and relaxation with these 7 powerful meditations. Use them to calm a chattering mind, relax into your evening, or remind yourself of your inner power. All meditations are in MP3 format and can be downloaded to your phone or portable device and listened to anywhere!

FB Group for Students.png

Private Facebook Group For Students ($250 Value)

Get support & feedback, sync up with an accountability partner, and get updates on self-care practices and updates from yours truly!



I know that this course program is packed with value that WILL change your daily life and I’m 100% confident that you will love it and want to eat it up with a spoon.

But I also don’t want unhappy students.

If you try out this course and are not satisfied with the quality of content or discover it’s not a good fit for you, then you can shoot me an email within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

However, you must actually put in some work in order to be eligible. Read the full refund policy here!

But you can keep my Masterclass on How to Create Consistent Change in Your Life (Valued at $99) for FREE.

Yep. Even if you request a full refund, you can keep this bonus for all of time!

 Have a few questions running through your mind?


You don’t need hours each day to make this program work for you.

I recommend 20 minutes a day or an hour each week to get the most out of the materials and take action.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 12.26.01 PM.png

You don’t need anything else after you enroll in this program.

You know how you buy a workout program and then halfway through workout two discover that you really need $29 workout bands to get the most out of the exercise routine? Gross. After you enroll in this program, you’ll have all the worksheets, videos, and lessons you need to take action. No additional purchases needed.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 12.27.01 PM.png

Tight on time and money?

Let’s be honest for a minute. How much money could you save long-term if you weren’t constantly burnt out, fatigued, frustrated, and overwhelmed? I know personally, when I feel those ways, I over-indulge in food, shopping, and Amazon purchases. Plus if you’re taking care of yourself on the regular you’re less likely to stress yourself out into a cold. Just being real. In terms of time, I know you can find 20 minutes in your day. Put down your phone for an hour and see what happens ;)

dont wait

Don’t wait until you feel super stressed again!

Don’t be like most people who put off their self-care until the “perfect” time and then find themselves deep in burnout mode, resentful of life, and frustrated that they didn't’ make themselves a priority.

You might think it’s easier to wait and figure out a way to do this all yourself and part of me commends you for that, but the part of me that’s been through multiple burnouts is begging you to not wait any longer!

The more you put off the YOU part of YOUR life, the more you’ll continue a cycle of reacting to stimuli, circumstances, and surroundings instead of CREATING a daily routine and lifestyle you love and feel amazing in.

Plus, those frustrations you have now about your daily life and the things that aren’t going your way, will only continue to get more frustrating if you don’t make self-care a priority.

If you’re feeling massively overwhelmed, stressed, and unfocused, do you really think trying to figure it all out yourself super fast will help?

I’ve already done the work, research, and trial-and-error work for you!


Your self-care is IMPORTANT! Get started now!

By enrolling you’ll have a step-by-step program that will:

✔️Give you validation, focus, and clarity around where to start and what to do

✔️ Tell you what to consider, how to map things out, and remove any doubt that creeps into your mind in terms of feeling like “am I doing this right?!”

✔️ Allow you to efficiently and effectively make progress in your personal life

✔️ Show you how to organize your daily tasks and self-care in a way that fuels your happiness and adds energy to your days

Plus you’ll get support from someone who
lives and breathes this stuff!


Oh Hai!

I'm Sarah Steckler, I'm here to help you combine mindfulness with productivity to feel more at ease and organized in your daily life. As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, & Productivity Strategist I'm here as your guide to facilitating change and organizing your life. I've spent the past 10+ years of my life cultivating tools, systems, and strategies to better organize my life, prioritize my goals, and create solid game-plans to make things happen. I've also coached over 100 people  and I'm passionate about living a life infused with mindfulness and self-care. 

I created the Self-Care Alignment out of necessity. Throughout my life I’ve been through terrible bouts of depression and anxiety along with moving over 17 times in the past decade and losing my Dad at 23. I know what it’s like to be on the move and to have your world fall apart.

It took me YEARS to get a handle on what self-care really meant and to accept that it was for ME just as much as anyone else.

This program is the exact model I use to balance my own life and includes everything I’ve learned about mindset, habit formation, creating (and meeting) goals, and making self-care a true priority.

No matter where you are in your journey of personal development, self-care, and wellness, you can make the changes necessary to feel fulfilled, at ease, and organized in your daily life!


Ready to take action and give yourself a huge gift?

✔️You’ll ditch the guilt and overwhelm that comes from reclaiming your self-worth

✔️You’ll build habits and routines that feel so good you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner

✔️ You’ll be able to reach the bigger goals in your life that you’ve been hiding on your bucket list

Imagine where you could be even 6 months from now!

I speak from personal experience when I say that your life can CHANGE in 6 months.

Where will you and your self-care routine be at this time next year?

 Who is this course for?

For those who want to ditch the guilt and overwhelm and save time.

You’re ready to do some real mindset work and take action on making yourself a priority and you’re excited about having a fast-track system to help you knock it out of the park!

For busy go-getters of all levels.

You’re the type of person who takes action. You’re known for saying “I’m done. Over it. Things are changing” and you mean it when you say it. You know the value of investing in yourself and a program from someone who knows what she’s talking about (oh hai!) and you couldn’t be more excited to dive in!

For humans who are ready to get down to business, put in the work, and see results.

You’re willing to do the work that’s necessary to make the big (and litte) changes happen and get the results you seek. You know that where you put your time, energy, and focus, is where you will see change, shift, and transformation. You realize things don’t happen overnight but know that things will change if you actually start taking action and follow the steps in this course to create a solid and consistent self-care plan.

Who is this course NOT for?

For people who aren’t ready to shift their mindset, adopt change, or open their mind to new perspectives and ideas.

In order to experience change and results you need to be willing to put in the work and shift your mindset. While I will be teaching you these lessons and processes, it’s still up tp you to work through any gaps you see in yourself and reach out for support when you need it.

For people who just want to buy a course and see immediate results without doing the work.

It feels good to invest in ourselves but this is not the type of investment that will upgrade your life by throwing money at it. Just like you wouldn’t pay a personal trainer and then not show up for the workouts, it’s important to realize that you can’t expect results or changes from a course you don’t do the work for.

 Frequently Asked Questions

+When does this course start and finish?

It starts now and never ends! This is a completely self-paced course meaning you get to decide when you start and go at your own pace!

+How long will I have access to the materials?

Forever! When you enroll you get immediate access to the course, all materials, and future updates with new materials (which I've already made 3x now!)

+Do you have a refund policy?

Yes! I offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can find the full details right here.

+How much time will I need to spend on the course?

If you can carve out 20-minutes 5 days a week or an hour every weekened, you'll be able to make solid progress through the course!



Join myself, Jenny Eden Berk, and Cait Byrnes for 7 conversational masterclasses where we dive deep into core wellness topics, share strategies, tips, and real world examples of how to shift your mindset and take action to improve your life and empower yourself on the regular!

Classes include: How to Meal Prep Without Losing Your Damn MindExercise for People Who Hate ItHow to Self-Care When Sh*t Gets CrazyHabit Shifts That Actually StickHow to Love Your Body When You Hate Your BodySpirituality that Doesn't Suck, and How to Clear Space for More Energy and Productivity.


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 What happens when you enroll?

Step 1: Create a user profile and enroll in the course via credit card or PayPal. You can purchase the course by enrolling in a payment plan or the full pay option. Please note that payment plans are only available with a credit card.

Step 2: You’ll get immediate access to the entire course where you can work at your own pace. You’ll also receive an email outlining all the details, your login info, and a link to join us in the Private Facebook Group! Yay!

Step 3: Get full access to the entire course in all it’s glory including updates, added content, and bonuses for life! You can jump right in and start right away. Use the private Facebook Community to ask questions, hold yourself accountable, and get support& feedback from other students.

Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions

It’s important to me that you are happy with the course so I offer a 14-Day refund policy. If you try out the course by going through the first 3 lessons of module 1 (including worksheets) and don’t feel it’s a good fit for you, then you may request a refund for up to 14 days after the date of your course purchase.

Email Sarah: within 14 days of purchase and with your submission for a full refund.

This refund policy is designed to give you 14 days to try out the course, go through the materials, learn, and take action on the steps provided! If you put in the effort, do the work, and still feel that I haven’t given you any value to improve your self-care, I will issue a full refund.

When you enroll in the Self-Care Alignment, you are acknowledging that you have received and agree to these terms. View the complete refund policy right here.

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