Hippie Skin Honest Product Review

This past year has kind of been my awakening to skin care. I talk about this on episode 47 of the Mindful Productivity Podcast and how up until my 30s, I really had no idea that skin care was a thing I actually needed to do.

Needless to say, finding high quality products, preferably free of parabens and other toxic ingredients has been one of my side hobbies this past year.

I was recently contacted by Hippie Skin, an organic (mostly vegan) skin care company based out of Utah to try out a sampling of their products in exchange for an honest review.

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Hippie Skin Review

Today I am going to highlight some of my favorite products that I received along with links for you to try them out for yourself as well if they interest you.

The first product that I really fell in love with was their deodorant paste. I was actually surprised how well this worked for me considering I tend to sweat quite a bit.

The first thing I LOVED most about it was the scent. It’s a mix of grapefruit and mint and it’s absolutely lovely. The one thing I was weary of is that because it contains natural oils including shea butter, it can stain clothing. This wasn’t an issue for me and you only need to use a tiny bit. It worked throughout the day.

*I will mention that this contains beeswax, which I didn’t realize until doing this review, because of that, it’s not a product I’d personally buy again but if that’s not something you’re ethically subscribed to, the product itself is great.

They did also send me a small spray bottle of their deodorant spray (this doesn’t contain any bee products) and it was lovely! This didn’t work for full day coverage or odor protection but it was the perfect in-between spray for when I wanted to freshen up. This would be perfect to keep in your purse and use on the go in between meetings or after work before you head out with friends.

Ingredients in Deodorant Spray: distilled water, alcohol-free witch hazel, rose water, grapefruit essential oil, tea tree essential oil.

The next product I really loved was the Hippie Mist Toning Spray - by the way, please note that all of these photos feature sample sizes of their products.

This spray has a wonderful and light lemongrass and apple scent and it’s really cooling and refreshing on the skin. It’s created to be used as a toner along with your skin care routine which I enjoyed but I also liked using it in the afternoon to freshen up my face.

Ingredients include: Alcohol-free witch hazel, organic raw apple cider vinegar, and organic lemongrass essential oil.

My next favorite product was the hand and body lotion. One thing I will say about Hippie Skin is that they have their scents down. This smells amazing!! I also loved that it was a very light and serum-like lotion. I’ll be honest, I’m not really a big lotion person because I can’t stand the residue feeling after applying it, but this lotion blended in really well to my skin.

It’s the perfect hand cream and I can see myself using this in the winter to keep my knuckles from cracking in the cold.

Hippie Skin Lotion

Hands down, my most favorite product I tested from Hippie Skin was their Hippie Dust! This stuff is SO gorgeous and the quality of it is amazing. It glides over the skin and has an incredible sheen and shimmer.

I loved using this as an eyeshadow and it blends super well. It also comes off super easily. One thing to be aware of is that a little goes a LONG way. You don’t need much of this product at all and if you’re not careful it can get on clothes and everything around you.

Regardless, it’s a gorgeous product and I highly recommend it.

I was also sent some of their skin care products including the Hippie Glow Intensive Serum, Hippie Honey Daily Scrub, and Hippie Luxe Cleanser. As much as I wanted to love these products, since they are heavily oil based they didn’t work with my skin type. If you have a dryer type of skin or know you love more oil-based skin care products, I’d definitely try them out.

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of these products, the minimal ingredients, and the intention behind creating an organic, toxic-free beauty line.

If you want to checkout these products for yourself, head over to Hippie Skin here and use my special code: BEMINDFUL at checkout to take 20% off your first order!

Sarah Steckler