This is Personal: Why I'm "rebranding" and starting a personal blog

Oh hai…. internet world.

Whatever, I know you guys. You know me.

If you’ve been following me since around 2015 then it’s probably no surprise to you that I’ve been in the midst of rebranding and shifting things once again.

It’s happened quite a few times already.

But who cares! Life is short!

I recently shared an update on my Instagram that sums up the recent “rebrand”

Sarah Steckler

I will always remember the moment my husband saw me dancing in our kitchen in April 2016 after landing my first paid 1:1 coaching client. We were living in Maryland at the time and I had just finished up my coaching certification and was halfway toward finishing my Masters in coaching.

A year later I would successfully launch my first online self-care course. And in within this 3 year time frame I’d do things I never thought possible. It wasn’t until last night that I finally made a mental list of my accomplishments in my business. I make success lists monthly in my Mindful Productivity Planner but somehow I’d never taken the time to make one for my business. ⠀

I often beat myself up for not being somewhere else by now in life. Not making more income, not having it all figured out. This list was like a gentle shake from my higher self, “hey girl, you’ve done a lot, maybe have some gratitude for yourself”

Since that moment in April 2016 I’ve:

  • Coached well over 100 women (and a few men)

  • Launched 2 successful online courses

  • Ran multiple group coaching programs

  • Hosted, created, and ran a membership community

  • Held webinars and online workshops

  • Launched a podcast that’s now hitting 1000 downloads per episode

  • Self-published 4 journals and planners since December 2018

  • Wrote 100 Life Challenges guided journal that’s now in Barnes & Noble nationwide

  • Changed my niche and branding at least 3x 😂

  • Burned out more than I’d like to admit

  • Battled with depression and anxiety

  • Moved 4x, lived overseas, and had some of the biggest and most terrifying adventures

  • Created websites and design projects for clients

  • Taken action on all of the ideas until I didn’t have any energy left

  • Continued to never give up

We’re now entering a new season of life, perhaps you feel it, too. It’s not just Spring but a new chapter. I’ve got some big plans for SARAH ROSE COMPANY, LLC and the Mindful Productivity Blog and because it’s about that time, I want to share some of them with you.

I’m currently pivoting my focus to (you might have guessed it) Planners! 🌈 Paper planning has been a passion of mine since always.

It’s something that I always come back to, that always brings me joy. No matter how depressed I’ve been, or how tough life gets, there’s something about journaling, stickers, and writing that gets me connected to the good stuff ✨

What does this mean? For one thing it means that you’ll be seeing a LOT more Planner posts in my feed. Planners, journals, stickers, weekly spreads, you name it. It also means that my course development work is taking a hiatus. Something that hasn’t been apparent on the outside but time spent BTS that I’m now shifting. 🌟

I want Planners and journals to be my full time income and I know it’s possible. I’m currently working on a mandala coloring book, printable inserts for the Mindful Productivity Planner, and an academic year planner that I’ll be releasing later in Spring.

These creations are going to be incredibly unique and long term game, in working on saving up for the equipment I’ll need to open up my own sticker shop! 🌈💕😍 Yes! Customs stickers for my planners and planners in general are going to become a reality.

Thanks for being on this ride with me! If you’re a planner lover, you’re in the right place ✨

Sarah Steckler