Episode 4: Why you should go for it anyway

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I'm here to tell you ALL THE REASONS why you should go for it anyway or why every effort you make actually does matter. We all have something in the back of our minds that we tend to procrastinate or not take action on. No matter what your excuse is I'm here to bring you back to your power and give you some examples of how your beliefs truly do impact your actions and your results. 

Let's do this!


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Mentioned during the show:

Robert Banister's Record-Breaking 4-Minute Mile

Marie Forleo interviews Elizabeth Gilbert

Married at First Sight

Memorable Quotes:

“What if you tried things for the sake of knowing what it feels like to fail at them?”
“What would change if you did things to have an experience?”
“Whatever it is that you really want...It’s worth considering what about the experience do you want to? What about the experience is different than the outcome?”
“When you take away the expectation, when you embrace the experience, things change.”
“When you know what you have to do to get what you want, then the barriers to getting there aren’t that bad, in fact, you want them because you know they will lead you to getting what you want.”

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