Episode 32: How to Turn a Bad Mood into a Great Day & Get Unstuck with Katherine Koroll

  • The steps Katherine takes to improve a "bad" day

  • How stepping into a willingness mindset can boost your consistency

  • How to shift away from the ego with the power of curiosity

Katherine is a life coach specializing in mindset, confidence and inner belief systems.

She was the woman who had incredible success on the outside, but lacked fulfillment and purpose and would spend her days asking, "Is this really it?"

In her late 20’s, Katherine got her wake up call. It was through that

experience that she finally made her own fulfillment and happiness a priority. She got to work - she got clear on her vision, got the support she needed and busted through everything that was holding her back.

Now she gives others the tools, clarity and support so they can get unstuck, thrive and SHINE in their own lives.