Episode 16: How to Ignite a Self-Love Revolution with Jenna Teaque

Self-Love is something we hear about often but how do you actually embrace it and weave it into your life especially when daily chaos never seems to end? Today I am joined by the lovely Jenna Teague, self-love expert and all around amazing human. If you've been left wondering if self-love is for you, you'll leave this conversation KNOWING it's been here for you all along. 

How to Ignite a Self-Love Revolution with Jenna Teague.png

At her core, Jenna is a healer on a mission to ignite a revolution of self-love. From over a decade supporting clients’ healing in her psychotherapy practice to sparking business healing for coaches and entrepreneurs, Jenna co-creates with her clients game-changing shifts in their lives and businesses. She knows, deep down in her bones, that presence always trumps perfection, and building community is what lights her up most. If you want to see Jenna at her giddiest (and geekiest), invite her to your next creative brainstorming session. She lives for that. And if you want to see her in her happy place, you need only three things: the ocean, music, and the people she loves the most. Bonus points for bringing along Reilly and Raider, her beloved pups.

Where you can find more of Jenna:

Website: www.jennateague.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennateague/

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/jennalteague/