Episode 84: What is it going to take for you to take control of your life?

On the podcast this week I’m sharing a clip from a recent Instagram Live I did for Real Talk Wednesdays. During this live I shared my experience gaining weight over the past few years, the habits (and lack of habits) that led me to where I am and the mindset shift that’s allowed me to start making changes and take control my health. There is swearing, there is inspiration, this is real talk.

Self-Care Collective_.png

I touch on:

  • How I’m moving away from a victim mentality

  • The habits that I stopped being consistent with that led to my weight gain

  • What’s been clicking with my awareness and mentality that’s allowed me to take control and feel mega empowered

  • The difference between KNOWING something and embodying something

  • How no one owes you anything

  • How YOU are the only one responsible for your own happiness and healing and how this can change everything

  • The mindset shift that can give you a LOT more mental energy

Resources Mentioned:

Sarah Steckler