Episode 83: The Creative Balance of Being a Writer and a Human with Marisa Mohi

Creatives are amazing people. They get up, go out into the world, do their job, and then often come home and do even more for the sake of creativity and bringing their gifts out into the world.

In this week’s episode, Marisa Mohi joins the podcast and we talk writing and productivity. She shares how she creates a balance between being a regular human (and not a writing robot) and consistently writing her novel and so much more.

My favorite part about my conversation with Marisa is how real, honest, and down-to-earth she is (even though she can write 10,000 words in a day!). You’ll love Marisa’s personality, her approach to writing, and how she approaches writing from a place of self-compassion and productivity.

Marisa Mohi shares the struggles of being a writer with a day job on her blog and YouTube channel, and loves to discuss creative productivity with anyone who will listen. She's launching a writing coaching service to help other writers get back in the habit of writing and to build their online platforms so they can market themselves and their projects. Marisa is also working on a novel about grad students, a few ghosts, and a kid who can't stop using her parents' Amazon account to order stuff.

Check her out online:

Marisa Mohi