Episode 76: Practical Mindfulness Skills with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gaby Toloza

Creating an intentional daily life is something many aspire to but it can also beg the question “where do I even begin?” In this episode, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gaby Toloza joins the show and shares things we can all consider to create more clarity, freedom, and

Gaby Toloza

In this episode we talk about:

  • The first steps to take to create intention

  • What screen free days have done for her and her family along with questions to ask ourselves about our phones

  • Concrete ways to use the power of intention to take loving action

Highlights from the show:

“If we don’t turn that awareness into an agency of action, if we don’t DO, then it’s useless.”

“Once you internalize it and make it personal, now it has meaning, then you will carry it forward and be able to access it as you need to.”

“You can’t breathe consciously and think about other things.”

“That’ where love lives… in all of that messiness.”

“Mindfulness is freedom. It’s freedom to live from one moment to the next, unencumbered.”

Where to find Gaby:

Gaby Toloza