Episode 74: How to Get More of What You Want Every Day

How often do you take time to really think about all you want? Now how often do you claim what you want by really taking action toward those things? In today’s episode of the Mindful Productivity Podcast we’re talking all about mindset shifts and exercises you can do to get more of what you want every single day.

How would you life change if you could truly experience more of what you really WANT on a daily basis?

How to Get More of What You Want Every Day | Mindful Productivity Podcast

Keep listening to learn:

  • The biggest (yet simple) mindset shift that will instantly bring you more joy

  • How you can use something I call the Taco Method to get more of what you want

  • An exercise to tap into your desires and bring clarity and awareness to your action steps

  • The 4-step process to being, embodying, and receiving more of what you want daily

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