Episode 60: Self-Care Roundup: Enneagram Results, Solfeggio Frequencies, & The 3 Happiness Points

Today I'm sharing my most recent discoveries including a personality test that has been eerily accurate, self-care practices and tools that have been boosting my mental health, how sound waves can improve our wellbeing, and the 3 points of happiness that you can incorporate into your days to create exponential joy. 

Self-Care Roundup

Show Notes:

Enneagram Resources:

3 points of happiness:

  1. Something that will improve my general health

  2. Something that will bring me joy today

  3. Something to look forward to

Solfeggio frequencies

Apps & Games

I'm all about being in the moment but there's also power in healthy distractions.

Instead of grabbing a beer out of the fridge or shoving sugar into my mouth I've been using a variety of apps when I feel overwhelmed. I set a timer for 4-5 minutes, play a game or two and I feel so much better. Here are the ones I've been enjoying: (Links go to app in iTunes store)

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