Episode 55: The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries with Yourself

You might be clear on the personal boundaries you have in place with other people but do you know how to set personal boundaries with yourself? In this episode we’ll explore what it means to set personal personal boundaries, questions to ask yourself to create ones that bring solid structure to your daily life, and what’s possible when you create daily disciplines and more structure to the projects you might be working on.

Do you have boundaries with yourself? These an include things like....

  • Self-discipline

  • Are there daily disciplines you need to have with yourself?

  • Routines & Structure

  • Processes and time management skills

  • Do you have boundaries around how you work on things? Do you create structure so that it's easy for you to come back to projects

  • What do you do when it's legit way past your bedtime and you have to get up early but you want to keep watching Netflix?

  • What about when you find yourself scrolling endlessly through your phone and have that "omg I can't stop" feeling?

  • Questions to ask yourself

  • How can I create awareness around when I'm doing things on autopilot that don't serve me or wont' make me feel good?

  • What can i do to snap myself out of it when needed?

  • What kinds of things do I need to be doing daily so that my needs are met?

  • What structure can I put in place that will aid in me making those decisions and sticking with them more easily?

  • What will having more solid personal boundaries with myself allow for?

  • What will be possible?

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