Episode 49 - 22 People Share Their Top Priorities from the Past Year (Part 2)

We’re continuing on with Part 2! If you haven’t listened to episode 48, go back and start there! As a way to celebrate the end of the year, I reached out to over 50 people and had 22 people submit responses to the following question: What were the top 3 priorities you made for yourself this past year and how did those things positively impact your life? Join me as we wrap up Part 2 and hear from the rest of these amazing individuals!

Here are the rest of the amazing guest for this 2 part series!

Allie Tymo - Holistic Life Coach

Kay Sanders - Best Selling Author

April Moor

Karen Howell - Web Development

Wendy Hiles


Michael Spencer

Kurt Kirstein

Katherine Korroll

Kyle Steckler

Kristin Lajeanesse

Chloe Stein - Chef at Eat to Live Retreat

MindsetSarah Steckler