Episode 45: 3 Key Components for Getting Back to Simplicity

Ever feel like in an attempt to take better care of yourself you're actually MORE to your plate instead of getting back to the daily things that truly matter for your health and wellness? Let's talk about three ways that you can bring simplicity back to your life to help fuel those goals you really want to accomplish moving forward.

I'll be sharing:

  • What matters most about consistency

  • How to build momentum on a daily basis

  • A look at what you're allowing into your life daily and reminders to take breaks

  • And I'll be giving you a "look" inside my newest creation, the Mindful Productivity Planner

A preview of the Mindful Productivity Planner launching soon!

Mindful Productivity Planner
Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 5.50.58 PM.png