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Sarah Steckler

Sarah Steckler is here help you live a more mindful, intentional, and productive life.  The Mindful Productivity Podcast is your go-to resource to learn and incorporate practical applications of mindfulness and productivity into your daily routine.

Design a fulfilling life you love as we dive into topics surrounding mindful living, habits, productivity skills, and goal and intention setting with life lessons along the way. 


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Episode List:

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000 - Welcome to the Mindful Productivity Podcast!

001 - Starting from where you are

002 - Outcomes vs. Process & Rethinking Daily Productivity

003 - How to Establish Clear Personal Boundaries for Mindful Relationships & Time Management

004 - Why you should go for it anyway

005 - How to Declutter Your Digital Life & Free Up Mental Energy

006 - Breaking Through Mindsets That Hold Us Back

007 - Why you don't have to be so positive all the time

008 - Mindful Eating with Certified Eating Psychology Coach Jenny Eden Berk

009 - How to Stay Productive During Times of Stress

010 - The Power of List-Making with Dana Dealy-Reid

011 - The Unexplainable Power of Synchronicity

012 - How Embracing Your Creative Side Can Uplevel Your Life with Cait Byrnes

013 - 19 Things I've Learned in the Past 30 Years

014 - How to actually read more books and stay consistent with a reading practice

015 - 7 Solid Ways to Simplify Your Life

016 - How to Ignite a Self-Love Revolution with Jenna Teague

017 - How to Jump Start Your Day

018 - Setting Up Your Ideal Morning Routine with Catherine Beard

019 - Who you are right now is an accomplishment

020 - How to Tune Into Your Intuition to Find Your Highest Joy with Nichole Sylvester

021 - How to Conduct a Life Audit with Shauna Allen

022 - Why Anger is One of Your Most Powerful Emotions & How to Use it to Your Advantage

023 - How to Use a Journal to Organize Your Life

024 - How to Thrive in Your Life on a Daily Basis with Carin Kilby Clark

025 - From Stuck to Shift: How to Get Yourself Out of a Mental Funk

026 - What it Really Means to Love Yourself

027 - How to Boost Your Productivity With a Self-Healing Day

028 - The Practicality of Manifesting & How You Can Use it to Get Everything You Want 

029 - Self-Love, Mental Health, and Being Uniquely You with Mary England 

030 - How to Organize Your Budget in 3 Easy Steps 

031 - Why You Need a Landing Plan for Anything You Do 

032 - How to Turn a Bad Mood Into a Great Day & Get Unstuck with Katherine Koroll 

033 - 4 Things to Do While You're Waiting for Something to Happen

034 - Mindfulness & Mental Health with Lauren Stewart

035 - Healing Your Relationship with Social Media with Ashley Beaudin

036 - Self-Care Reminders, Emotional Energy, & Life Lessons: A Personal Recap

037 - 9 Ways to Get Your Life Organized for Fall

038 - Using Tarot as a Tool for Self-Care with Kait Fowlie

039 - 5 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself to Refocus Your Intentions

040 - 4 Life Lessons that are always applicable

041 - Fuel Your Success with your Introversion with Thea Orozco

042 - 4 ways to improve your interpersonal communication skills & stop wasting time

043 - Productivity & Privilege

044 - Moving through Toxic Masculinity to Yoga, Wellness, and Higher Consciousness with Spencer Harber

045 - 3 Key Components for Getting Back to Simplicity

046 - Do You Need a Wakeup Call?

047 - Self-Care Collective: Depression, Skincare, Nutrition, & Fueling Fun In Your Life

048 - 22 People Share Their Top Priorities From The Past Year (Part 1)

049 - 22 People Share Their Top Priorities From The Past Year (Part 2)

050 - How to Use A Success List to Celebrate Your Existence

051 - Goals with Soul & Energetic Gratitude with Ashley Looker

052 - When Self-Care is Difficult, Ways to Ground Yourself, & What it Really Feels Like to Let Go

053 - Strategies to Supercharge Brain Dumps, Reduce Overwhelm, & Declutter Your Brain

054 - A Year in Review, Focus vs. Intention, & What I’ve Learned From Podcasting

055 - The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries with Yourself

056: How to Stop Setting Goals & Actually Execute Them

057: The 4-Step Process to Map Out Your Day for Optimum Productivity

058: Ruminating on Who You Once Were & Who You Want to Be

059: How to Use Science to Create Life Balance

060: Self-Care Roundup: Enneagram Results, Solfeggio Frequencies, & The 3 Happiness Points

061: 7 Ways to Organize Your Life & Spring Clean Your Mind

062: A Guided Meditation to Activate Your Heart Chakra

063: 4 Mental Triggers to Boost Your Daily Joy

064: Radical Self-Acceptance with Allie Tymo

065: What to Do When You Feel a Lack of Purpose

066: Joy Coding

067: What Struggling with Depression Really Looks Like

068: What I Learned About Creativity by Taking a Break from Podcasting

069: What to Look For in a Life Coach & How Coaching Can Actually Help You

070: 5 Productivity Skills Most People Fail to Utilize

071: Purifying Your Space for Intentional Productivity with Michael Spencer

072: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Just Don’t Want to Do The Thing

073: Infusing Compassion & Self-Love Into Your Daily Routines with Shirley Huang

074: How to Get More of What You Want Every Day

075: The Missing Link Between Getting More Done & Recharging

076: Practical Mindfulness Skills with Clinical Psychologist Dr. Gaby Toloza (Airs 8/12)

077: 4 Simple Strategies to Revamp Your Morning Routine (Airs 8/19)



001: Come Back to Yourself & Have More Fun

002: Mental Decluttering Visualization & Card Pull

003 - How to Use a Daily Priority Sheet to Have Super Productive Days (Airs 8/15)

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