You want more energy. You want daily life to feel more balanced. You want time to do more of you want. And you want to know that you’re getting things done.

It’s simple.

But why hasn’t it felt that way?

Burnout is real and in the United States alone, 30% of Americans report feeling burned out with increased stress in the past year.

Even more alarming is how many of us are always on the verge of burnout. Flirting with it daily, experiencing decision-fatigue and brain fog, having a hard time responding to frustrations in a productive way, and feeling like “I’ll get to it tomorrow” is just part of how life is now.

Let’s remove what doesn’t work and discover what does.

Through coaching we’ll remove the debris that’s been weighing you down, we’ll turn the lights back on to the power already present within you, and we’ll rebuild a foundation that gives you the daily life & energy you’ve been seeking. You will come home to yourself.

Sarah is someone who listens without judgement, assists you in editing down to your true values/desires. Her feedback helps you help yourself. My favorite part of coaching was how Sarah took what I was trying to say or figure out, condensed it, and repeated it to me. She asked illuminating questions that really helped me figure out my issues and/or goals on my own. I gained a deeper understanding of myself and my life wishes working with Sarah.

-Denise B.

Sarah Steckler

About Me

I'm Sarah Steckler, I help people just like you optimize productivity with a combination of systems, strategy, and mindfulness practices. As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Productivity Strategist, I’m here to help you organize your thoughts and create structure within your daily life. Through proven coaching techniques, I guide you from overwhelm to clear, decisive actions and results. Let’s create the foundation for your days that makes your weeks, months, and years feel successful and rewarding!

The Process & Experience…


  • Daily structure and routines that help you feel grounded and balanced

  • Time management techniques and strategies that work with your life circumstances

  • Knowing exactly what you need to do to get what you want, manage your energy levels, and alleviate stress

  • Mornings where you actually get out the door early and feel prepared for the day ahead


  • Simplicity & Stillness (aka less choices + more naps when you want them)

  • Strong personal boundaries that expand your relationships & help you manage your time

  • Intuition building and deeply rooted self-care

  • Mindfulness practices that boost your energy, calm your nerves, and provide inner guidance when you need it most


  • Getting to the core of what gets you to hit the gas on your goals (instead of feeling paralyzed with overwhelm)

  • Identifying life elements that spark happiness, truth, and determination and then breaking those things done into what you can do daily.

  • Goal execution that focuses on accelerated action instead of endless to-do lists

Basically we’re going to take all the big stuff you want and break it down into things you’ll actually DO that lead to those goals. We’re going to simplify the crap out of your life!

The Breakdown: How the process works


  1. Fill out an application to work with me

  2. I’ll send you a link to setup a 30-minute productivity assessment call to make sure we're a good fit and so I can answer any of your burning questions so you can make the best decision for you

  3. I'll send you the payment info, you’ll make the initial payment, and we'll officially get the ball rolling


  1. I'll send you a Welcome Packet with some pre-work so we can get even clearer on your goals and intentions

  2. We'll schedule out your regular session times for the duration of the coaching package


  1. Coaching begins!

  2. We'll meet weekly over the phone at your scheduled time

  3. You'll have unlimited support from me on Voxer and Email between sessions

What’s Included:

  • (6) Weekly 60-Minute Sessions

  • Welcome Packet & Wellness Levels Evaluation

  • Unlimited Voxer & Email Support between calls

  • Weekly coaching session notes, resources, and homework/action steps

The Outcome:

Through proven coaching techniques, we’ll co-create an experience that allows you to transform overwhelm into wisdom and break it down into clear, decisive actions and results. We will create a foundation for your daily habits, intentions, and actions that bring more energy, clarity, and joy to your everyday life. True transformation is possible.

My favorite part of coaching was being able to have someone help me pinpoint the issues I wanted to address. Sarah was great at helping me through this process. I feel like I am more organized. I felt like I could not keep up with life demands before starting. I also feel that I am more accepting of my mental health.

-Esmeralda E.