About Coaching

Coaching is a partnership that allows you to explore what’s possible for you and what might be blocking you from taking action in a safe and judgement-free space. Coaching allows you to bring awareness to your own inner power and guidance, to release the need for constant external validation when it comes to what you truly need, and to bring clarity to your decisions as they align with your values and goals.

Each session will bring you closer to your true self, your purpose (or your desire for minimal purpose), what really matters most to you, and how to get what you want by truly getting to know yourself.


Hi! I’m Sarah

I'm Sarah Steckler. As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Productivity Strategist, I'm here as your guide to facilitating change and organizing your life. I've spent the past 10+ years of my life cultivating tools, systems, and strategies to better manage my time, prioritize my goals, and create solid game-plans to make things happen. I've coached over 100 clients and helped individuals transform their lives in ways they never thought were possible when they first came to me. When we work together I help you combine the most powerful left-brain strategies with the core powers of right-brain thinking which leads to aligned actions and results of mind, body, and soul.

I believe in the power of coaching. I believe that change can be fun, exciting, and rewarding. And most importantly, I believe in YOU.

Sarah Steckler

The Breakdown: How the process works


  1. Fill out an application to work with me

  2. We'll setup a quick 15-minute meet & greet call to make sure we're a good fit and so I can answer any of your burning questions so you can make the best decision for you.

  3. If we’re a perfect match, I’ll help you choose the best package for you, and we'll officially get the ball rolling!


  1. I'll send you a Welcome Packet with some pre-work so we can get even clearer on your goals and intentions

  2. We'll schedule out your regular session times for the duration of the coaching package you choose


  1. Coaching begins!

  2. We'll meet over the phone at your scheduled time

  3. You'll have unlimited support from me on Voxer and Email between sessions




  • Daily structure and routines that help you feel grounded and balanced

  • Time management techniques and strategies that work with your life circumstances

  • Knowing exactly what you need to do and when to best manage your energy levels (and sanity)

  • Mornings where you actually get out the door early and feel prepared for the day ahead


  • Confidence that obliterates decision fatigue and the oh-so-annoying "what if?" moments

  • Managing and holding space for all emotions (even the angry ones) and learning how to tap into their wisdom

  • Mindset skills that help you identify, observe, and fuel what serves you

  • Exercises to build self-awareness, manage conflict, reduce stress, and work through difficulties


  • Simplicity & Stillness (aka less choices + more naps when you want them)

  • Strong personal boundaries that expand your relationships  

  • Intuition building and deeply rooted self-care

  • Mindfulness practices that boost your energy, calm your nerves, and provide inner guidance when you need it most


  • Connection to bigger stuff that makes you feel like your life has meaning and purpose

  • Getting to the core of what gets you to hit the gas on your goals

  • Identifying life elements that spark happiness, truth, and determination

  • Goal execution that focuses on accelerated action instead of endless to-do lists

Stepping into a more productive space - where there’s time for things you love, slowing down, deep self-care, and less stress and anxiety surrounding the endless details of your life and to-do list is totally possible. Let's pave the way!


I thought it would be odd doing coaching over the phone rather than face-to-face, but it's not - her guidance is wonderful! Sarah is amazing, she listens without judgement, sets time aside and is great at listening to your words and summing them up. She helps you come up with solutions and challenges you (in a very safe way). She allows you to talk about anything. She is also great at taking time to tell you about the progress she has seen. I now feel more confident and feel comfortable setting boundaries with people without feeling guilty about it. There really are no words for how much Sarah has helped me. She has a gift of listening and understanding.

-Wendy Hiles

Sarah gets me. She listens and she asks questions that make me think -- ones that I would NEVER think to ask myself. Because of this, I understand myself better. I am not only encouraged, but I am supported in every way -- no judgement, but challengement (is that a word? lol). Sarah allows me to be me, she loves me for me, but she also helps me to invite myself to GROW and BE the real me. To actually live authentically. She is intuitive and smart and witty. I love her presence in my life!

- Bethany Stec



I really mean it! Your coaching helped me to gain confidence and take steps towards what I want in life. I know I wouldn't be at my dream job (and have taken the risk of moving half way across the country) if it wasn't for your help!

-Lena M. 

Sarah is positive, enthusiastic, down to earth and relatable, guiding instead of leading, so nice to feel I am being heard. This experience has helped me realize how important it is to truly focus on myself sometimes, to think about what is truly working and what's not working. I can see so much benefit in the process that Sarah has helped me discover. Talking with Sarah has helped me prioritize my everyday and my goals for the future. I am able to more confidently plan.

-Katherine V.

Katharine Ivy Vartanian.png


Sarah has an ability to see a situation/issue and positively and kindly ask questions about it and re-route my thinking or attitude. I left coaching feeling inspired and refreshed. She gave new light to situations. 

-Kim Knowles

I think that many people have a lot of issues they want to address, sometimes they feel overwhelmed and cannot figure out exactly what is going on with them. My favorite part of coaching was being able to have someone help me pinpoint the issues I wanted to address. Sarah was great at helping me through this process. I feel like I am more organized. I felt like I could not keep up with life demands before starting. I also feel that I am more accepting of my mental health. I will have days that I feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired, and mentally drained...and that is okay.

-Esmeralda E.

Esmeralda E.png


Sarah knows what she is doing. She helped me reach my goals well before the set limit, and I know walking away from my sessions I am okay. I am happy. I am doing good. I can do it. And I never felt that before. I went from a 0, to maybe a 5 over several weeks, and then BAM all of the sudden I was at 60 and everything was changing within 24 hours and falling into place. I'm much happier now!

-J. Jones