Joy Coding



Joy Coding is the art and practice of reprogramming our minds and our environment to manufacture more joy consistently.

This guided journal and workbook will lead you through the creative process of tapping into your source of joy. Just like energy management, there are actions we can take to cultivate joy and bring it into our lives in more sustainable ways. Get ready to color, create lists, and work through prompts that will bring you into an endless resource of all you need from within your mind.

This journal also includes the brand new creative process of Hexagon Coding, developed and designed by Sarah Steckler to help you visually represent the inner workings of your subconscious mind.

Included in this beautiful softcover journal:

  • Introduction to Joy Coding with a glimpse into the science behind our minds

  • Handy 8x10" size perfect for your desk or taking with you to a coffee shop

  • 79 bright white pages of Joy Coding goodness

  • Index pages to keep track of your work

  • Numbered pages throughout

About the Author

Sarah Steckler is an Author, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner, and Productivity Strategist who believes that getting more done starts with taking care of yourself. She's the host of the Mindful Productivity Podcast that airs every Monday on iTunes, Spotify,  and anywhere podcasts are found.