How to Clear your Space for
More Energy and Productivity


Hosted by Jenny Eden Berk + Cait Byrnes + Sarah Steckler 

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What we'll cover:

:: How to clear your mind, let go of the past and create space to accept new energy, ideas, and opportunities

:: The importance of creating a clear and simple space and what that looks like in your mind, in your home, and in your workspace

:: How to create a clear path to get yourself out the door each morning with less overwhelm and more ease

About Your Hosts


Jenny Eden Berk is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Body Image Mentor, International Speaker, and best-selling author of the new release, The Body Image Blueprint. She is the founder of Jenny Eden Coaching, a practice devoted to helping women, men, and teens heal their relationship with food and their bodies. She specializes in unique binge eating cessation techniques and mindful eating practices. She resides in Boston with her husband and three young daughters, and she loves to cook, entertain, travel, and practice hot yoga and kettlebell training.


Cait Byrnes is a burlesque performer, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, and the creator of the Food and Mood Journal, Food For Thought.  In her coaching practice she supports creative women struggling with burn-out, anxiety, and stress through nutrition, emotional support, and radical self-care.  Cait believes that women's health is a feminist issue, because women are taught from the time they're born to care for everyone and everything else before themselves.  Cait lives on the Jersey Shore with her rescue dog, and loves 24-hour diners, glitter, and aerial yoga.


Sarah Steckler is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Health & Wellness Coach & Productivity Strategist who helps women simplify their life with productivity and intentional living. She's the voice behind the Mindful Productivity Podcast and runs a monthly membership site called the Mindful Productivity Hub. Sarah loves journaling, meditating, spending time with her husband and english bulldog, and baking goodies from scratch.


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