Why I’m Retiring two of my biggest online programs

With the New Year comes a new focus, and ironically that's exactly what my word of the year is: FOCUS.

I've been digging deep into what that means for me this year, in my personal life, in my business, in my free time.

And it came down to one clarity hit that was hard to swallow: I have NOT been focusing when it comes to my business.

In 2018 alone I did way too many things:

  • I ran two group programs and created another

  • I launched the Mindful Productivity Podcast

  • I revamped two online programs

  • I created a brand new masterclass

  • I created even more courses

  • I made a planner

  • I worked with some amazing 1:1 clients

These are all GREAT things but they also lead me to feeling MAJORLY burned out by the end of 2018. And if I'm being honest, it all made me SUPER anxious trying to get eyes on all of it and invite people into all of them without feeling super annoying to my audience. There was just too much.

So I had a business meeting with the owner of my company (myself) and we decided that in order to truly provide value to all of you this year (without putting myself on the back burner) I need to FOCUS.

Here was the tough choice I made:

I have decided to retire my two biggest online courses/programs, The Self-Care Alignment & The Financial Self-Care Budget System after February 17th, 2019.

What does retiring mean? It means that after February 17th I will no longer be accepting new enrollments into these courses. Current and new students enrolling before the deadline will retain access indefinitely!

These were a true labor of love. They brought in a significant amount of income to my business over the past 3 years and I know they create amazing results. And I have LOVED all of the students who have joined me!


If i really want to create FOCUS and make bigger things happen with the Podcast and the Planner, I can't keep trying to promote eleventy things in my business.

Both of these programs are now officially retired as of February 18th 2019.