4 easy ways to re-shape your habits

Today I want to talk to you about 4 ways to re-shape your habits (that make progress a LOT easier). 

4 Easy Ways to Reshape Your Habits

:: 1 Start small


 You can't take one jump up a mountain or make brownies by throwing all the ingredients at once into the oven without mixing and measuring first. Big changes come from small steps over time. So breakdown whatever big masterpiece you got going on in your mind, and work it down to small actionable steps.

example: I want to downsize my stuff -----> I will get rid of 1 box of stuff/month -----> I will get rid of 3 items/week

:: 2 Create an Anchor 

Tmanuel Pasaka.jpg

Sometimes new habits just don't happen because we flat out forget or fall into old habits. Want to start doing something new each day? Attach it to something you already do.

example: I want to practice more gratitude -----> Name 3 things you're thankful for every time you take your morning supplement or have your coffee

:: 3 Create a micro-habit


 Similar to starting small, but even smaller. A micro-habit is something so small and so seemingly easy there's no way you can say no to doing it. Ever tell yourself you're going to totally go to the gym every day this week and then....just not. Yeah, I feel you. It may sound silly, but giving yourself a micro-goal is a way to validate your self-efficacy and build on your perception of your capability. We often don't do things because we think we "can't" - when really, we super can. ::YAY!:: 

Scott Young has a fascinating post on how negative micro habits and patterns work as well. Check it out here! 

example: I want to workout more -----> I will do one pushup a day

:: 4 Track your habits


Oh how I love that saying "what gets measured gets improved." Where we focus our awareness and attention is where we make change. I love using a habit tracker to track even the smallest of habits, because checking off a box or giving myself a star feels SO GOOD. Seriously, I have flossing on there.

Want to start tracking your habits? Need some ideas? Grab your FREE Monthly Habit Tracker below!