8 Personality Assessments to Deeply Discover Who You Are

There's wonderment in discovering aspects of ourselves we didn't know existed. Giving voice to areas we never knew how to describe, or seeing parts of who we are reflected in others. All of these things send a jolt of excitement through us because suddenly, we know what we are and some of the why behind our commonalities.

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I have always had a deep love of quizzes and assessments. I remember writing in the pages of teen magazines when I was 11, figuring out what kind of animal I would have been in a past life, or what kind of color represents my aura. No matter it's credibility, each test, quiz, and assessment brought a new awareness to how I was as an individual, and how my unique qualities built the foundation of who I was and who I was to become.

I've compiled a list below of some of the best assessments I've found to not only help you get in touch with your personality, but to also give definition to the ways in which you may make decisions, evaluate outcomes, and view life from your personal lens.

All of these tests are the free versions. Some of these assessments are available in a much more in-depth variety through paid services.

To help you decide which ones to invest your time in I've included a brief overview of the assessment, number of questions, and how in depth the results are on a scale of 1 (very little detail) to 5 (in depth detail).

The Workuno Strengths Test

Number of Questions: 170
Detailed Results Rating: 5

>>>>>Take the assessment here


This test helps to assess your strengths by assessing the ways in which you prefer to address thinking, behaving, and feeling. I found these questions to be thought provoking and eye-opening. A lot of assessments feel simple and exhaustive but I found that the questions within this assessment got me thinking about a lot of different things.



How to Fascinate

Number of Questions: 28
Detailed Results Rating: 1

>>>>>Take the personality test here

"Discover how the world sees you" is the first thing that greets you on this page. This test breaks down your personality type based on 4 overarching themes outlined in the image below. This test is backed by a decade of research and involves 42 different personality factors. That alone gets my brain excited! This site is branded for business owners and companies to assess individual and team advantages but anyone can create a free profile to view their results.

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The Five Love Languages

Number of Questions: 30 -- depending on your selections
Detailed Results Rating: 3
>>>>> Take the assessment here

This assessment has been vital in not only building an awareness of myself, but also of my needs within my marriage. Learning how you desire to receive, give, and accept love can go a long way in expectations, relationship boundaries, and commitment. What's also cool about this test is you can take it for yourself or for another member of the family, such as a child. The love languages apply to all types of relationships and helps you assess what type of love you give and how you best accept and crave love and support from others. This site also has assessments for analyzing love, apology, appreciation, and anger management.

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The Four Rubin Tendencies

This does not include an assessment but is a great tool to assess and consider how you address and respond to rules in your life.

>>>> View the post here

Gretchen Rubin is one of my favorite people. I love her Happier Podcast that gets me thinking and evaluating daily tasks and situations and I love how simply she's able to break things down. Sometimes her explanations are so simple I think -- why didn't I think of that?! In this post, she breaks down her Four Rubin Tendencies regarding rules which include, UpholderQuestionerRebel, and Obliger. The post breaks each one of these down and contains links to other categories and more in-depth analogies.


The Myers-Briggs or MBTI

Number of Questions: Variable
Detailed Results Rating: 5

>>>>> Take the 44 question Truity version here

>>>>> Take the 16 Personalities version here
This is probably the most well known assessment when it comes to personality. There are quite a few free versions out there but I have to warn you that some of your results may vary depending on which one you take and your current mood. The full MBTI test can be taken online for $50 and I recommend everyone take this at least once in their life to get a complete sense of their type indicator. Sometimes companies or schools will bring in a Certified MBTI Administrator. The paid version goes into great detail and covers your personality type in both a broader and more detailed sense. Each of the 16 type indicators reflects parallels between:



  • Introverted/Extroverted
  • Sensing/Intuition
  • Thinking/Feeling
  • Judging/Perceiving

The Big Five Personality Test

Number of Questions: 50
Detailed Results Rating: 4

>>>> Take the assessment here

This test covers five aspects of personality including, Extroversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Openness, and Agreeableness. This test was created in an academic environment for the sake of pyschology. Some of the questions can really be impacted by current life circumstances, levels of depression/mood, etc. It's always important to understand that these tests serve as a baseline overview and results do not necessarily equate to complete accuracy.

Five Facets of Mindfulness

Number of Questions: 39
Detailed Results Rating: 2

>>>> Take the questionnaire here

This assessment measures your current state of awareness, non-judgement, observing behaviors, and reactions to both internal and external circumstance. This can be a fun test to take before and after starting a mindfulness or meditation practice to see how much you grow and evolve over time.

Aura Colors Questionnaire

Number of Questions: Approx. 100
Detailed Results Rating: 3

>>>> Take the questionnaire here

This test is a fun way to see what your aura color might be. Back in 2015, my husband and I spent a weekend at a cabin in West Virginia (I'm pretty sure that's where horror movies are filmed). Despite it feeling uber creepy in the middle of nowhere in the woods, we had a fun time exploring a nearby town and found ourselves in the middle of a psychic festival --- something I didn't even know existed. We're both very open and decided to go in and ended up having our aura photos taken. It was fun to see which colors we both presented and why.

Do you have a favorite test or assessment that you've used before? Let me know in the comments below!

Sarah Steckler