50 Lists to make when life feels overwhelming

Overwhelm. It’s quite possibly one of the worst feelings out there. It can be a source of anxiety, it can make you feel like you “just can’t”, it can hinder your ability to push forward, create self-doubt, make you feel incompetent…..it’s overwhelming thinking about overwhelm!

50 Lists to Make When Life Feels Overwhelming

If you’re a creative type, you may find that overwhelm as a lot less with how much you have to do and how much you WANT to create. While both create a sense of chaos, it’s often the feeling that you’ll never have time to work on a new project or read the endless amount of books at the library that gets you feeling super anxious.

One of the greatest ways to calm the overwhelm is to get clear on all those things, and create places where all your ideas can go, hidden away from the “musts” and save in a place you can come back to and reclaim them,

Today, I’m sharing with you 50 lists you can make when life feels overwhelming.

Why lists? Focusing the mind helps calm us down, gives us a purpose in the moment, and can allow us to build more awareness around what we want and need so we can stop procrastinating or relax when we need to.

Have you ever tried to work on something only to have your mind say “hey don’t forget about this..and this…oooo what about this!” — yeah. Lists help defeat those feelings so you can get more done.

Keep in mind that as you create a list it does not have to be “completed” in one setting. Use them as a reference space to come back to. 

50 Lists to Make When Life Feels Overwhelming

  1. Books you want to read
  2. Ideas you have for your scrapbook/project/journal/blog, etc.
  3. All the things you have accomplished today so far
  4. Reasons why you are awesome
  5. Fun things you want to do when you have free time
  6. Movies that always make you laugh
  7. A “Parking Lot” for everything you want to accomplish in the next month — I like this term better than brain dump 
  8. Meals you want to eat this week
  9. 20 names for newborn baby chicks
  10. What you’d take on a cross country road trip
  11. Things that are overrated
  12. All the flowers you can think of
  13. Foods that are green
  14. Everything you think you learned in High School
  15. Crushes you had in grade school
  16. Your favorite phone Apps
  17. Gift ideas for _____
  18. All the things your dream home would have
  19. Favorite games for a game night
  20. Party theme ideas
  21. Restaurants you want to go to/try
  22. Top 10 things you love about ______ (then share it with them!)
  23. Documentaries that blew your mind
  24. Products that you use on a daily basis
  25. Everything you can think of that’s in your kitchen
  26. Your dream grocery list
  27. Go through the alphabet with a theme and try to name something for each letter (animals, movies, locations, fruits, celebrities, etc.)
  28. All the traits of your ideal significant other (or everything you love about your current one)
  29. Everything you’d need for a perfect solo movie night
  30. The best things about Christmas (or any holiday)
  31. Everything your dream home office would have
  32. Questions you never got answers to
  33. Things you still want to learn
  34. If time was limitless, what are all the things you’d do?
  35. The best candle scents
  36. Your favorite foods
  37. Podcasts you want to listen to
  38. Things that make you happy
  39. Sky’s the limit wish list of everything you want
  40. What should get cleaned each week?
  41. Things you’d do if you had a dream day/schedule
  42. Birthdays this month
  43. Local events to go to this season
  44. Animals you’ve seen while hiking/taking a walk
  45. Cute things your pets do
  46. Recipes you want to try
  47. Questions you want to ask your role model
  48. Things you want to tell your future self
  49. TV shows you’re currently watching
  50. Hilarious YouTube videos
50 lists to make when you're feeling overwhelmed