40 Truths to Nourish Your Mind

40 Truths to Nourish Your Mind with FREE Printable

Some days it's hard to turn off the "shoulds."

I should do this. I should do that. The more we remind ourselves of what we're not doing yet, the less we can live in the moment and focus on where we are and what we're doing now.

But it can be hard to turn that switch off.

I recently heard a friend say "If you knew that you had all of the knowledge and skills necessary to accomplish your deepest passions, what would change for you?"

It really caught me off guard and instantly liberated my mind. I wouldn't be searching for answers constantly, I'd look to myself first instead of seeking validation from random sources. I would take more action instead of questioning and doubting my abilities. Then I thought, why can't I use this mindset for everything in life?

Think about going through your day knowing that you have all of the answers inside you. Being able to move forward with confidence even if it means being a beginner and not stressing that you might make mistakes, you're human after all. This inspired me to write the following list of truths I wish everyone could know and embrace to nourish your mind and create cleansing clarity.

40 Truths to Nourish Your Mind


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