The 4 key elements of a self-healing day

Holding space for yourself to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally, mind, body, and soul creates a wave of nourishment that will continue to propel you forward.

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Problem is that it's hard to make time for that space, awareness, and acknowledgment when to-do lists and other priorities seem so much more important.

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Speaking from someone who has experienced major burnout more than once, I can tell you just how important self-care truly is and today I want to share four powerful ways to bring yourself out of a stressful space.

If you can do all four of these in one day you'll notice some amazing changes in your energy levels both mentally and physically and will be amazed at the emotional weight you'll release from your body. 



What it involves:

  • Moving your bodaaay

  • Physically challenging yourself enough to break a sweat

  • Yoga, walking, running, weightlifting, sports, HIIT, you name it

Moving your body gets endorphins flowing through your brain and can help your serotonin uptake receptors work more efficiently, meaning you'll get that boost of a good feeling that will last well beyond your booty hustle. 

You don't have to move fast or push yourself to the max to benefit or sweat, either. Slow mindful movements like yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and other forms of stretching increase vagal tone which then increases blood flow, reduces blood pressure and helps us stay in tune with our parasympathetic nervous system - the part that helps us calm down. 

Sweating and moving your body also helps you relieve stress, anger, and other emotions that may be hard to shake. 




What it involves:

  • Journaling

  • Free Writing

  • Crying

  • Exhaling

  • Letting emotions flow

I remember the first time I watched the movie Fight Club and I was instantly drawn into the scene where a man admits going to support groups every night simply to cry and how cleansing it was. Truth is we don't always give ourselves permission to cry, there's a lot of judgment and stigma around it but allowing yourself to let it out and the process of crying can be so healing. 

If emotional waves aren't hitting you enough to cry or it's just not your jam at the moment, journaling can be just as powerful. Free writing (or writing from a place free of self-judgment and for no particular audience but yourself) allows you to release a lot of mental energy and declutter your mind. 

Slow down


What it involves:

  • Meditation

  • Deep breathing

  • Stillness

Find a relaxing space outside, on your living room floor, or on your couch to be still for at least 5 minutes. Doing nothing and just being can feel awkward and uncomfortable these days as we're used to so many distractions and instant forms of entertainment.

Sitting still with our thoughts allows us to hold space for release, to let go of what isn't serving us, and to avoid the subconscious escapism that can be easy to run toward when we don't want to feel a certain feel or address a certain emotion. 




What it involves:

  • A warm bath

  • Dim lights

  • Tranquil music

  • Relaxing bath salts, essential oils, or bath bombs

A cleansing warm bath with Epsom salts not only detoxes your body but it can also be a relaxing ritual to ground yourself and recenter your mind. Imagining your body releasing stress and soaking in love, energy, happiness, and peace can instantly shift your mood and current outlook.

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