3 Things (You Can do Today) to Set Yourself up for a Joyful Week

Sometimes the week gets off to a weird start. Things don't go as planned, we get frustrated. No matter what your mood is today, there are things you can always do to turn that boat around and get it heading in the direction you truly want. Here are 3 things you can do today to set yourself up for a joyful week:

3 Things (You Can do Today) to Set Yourself up for a Joyful Week.png

1) Shift the energy in your body through movement

I notice more and more how much my thoughts, emotions, and feelings about things manifest in my physical body. I've also been amazed at how easy it can be to release those things with simple movement. Here are some of the ways I let go of pent up emotions and tension in my body.

Anger: I stand up take deep breaths in and out through my mouth, pushing anger out of my body. I then imagine all the anger flooding through my body up through my arms and into my finger tips and then throw my hands down toward the ground as if I'm shaking it out. Not kidding. This works.

Sadness: Taking a hot shower or a long bath with epsom salts always feels healing and is a great way to release elements of grief

Overwhelm: Whenever I'm completely lacking direction and focus, I get my body moving. My favorite is a long walk through the forest or the neighborhood listening to good tunes.

Remember: It's not about trying to get rid of all emotions as if they are "bad" - it's a way of clearing out the body the way you would the dishwasher, getting ready for a new "load of dishes" that you'll work on this week.

2) Get your thoughts out on paper with a brain dump

I wish I had known about this process in a more formal way when I was a teen. It would have helped SO much! Even if you're feeling great, doing a brain dump daily or weekly is a great way to see your ideas in paper and come up with solutions (and action steps) you can take to get the ball rolling. Need some templates to get started? Check out the Daily Productivity & Brain Dump Book!

3) Make a short list of the things you'll do this week to feel good

Choose 3 simple things you'll do this week for yourself. Write them down on post-it notes or add them as reminders in your phone.

Some ideas:

  • Listen to a podcast that makes you feel good

  • Set aside 10 minutes to have fun in your planner

  • Schedule time to play a video game you haven't gotten into in ages

  • Color in a coloring book

  • Drive yourself to Target, get a latte, and cruise the aisles with their glidey carts (the best!)

  • Head to your nearest craft store for fun ideas

  • Try a new recipe. (This Mediterranean dill pasta salad is sooo good!)

  • Schedule a time to drink some tea and call a close friend

I hope you have a wonderful week and that these tips were helpful!

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Sarah Steckler