101 30-Day Self-Care Challenge Ideas

Who doesn't love a 30-Day Challenge?! When you think about it, committing to something for 30 days can be life changing for a number of reasons:

  1. It allows you to open up your mind to new possibilities and ways of being

  2. Committing to something small for 30 days is a lot easier than trying to immediately commit to something new "forever"

  3. 30 days can put you well on your way to making something an actual ingrained habit

  4. Trying something new gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment

101 30-Day Self-Care Challenge Ideas

There's a reason 30-Day Challenges are big these days and they can help you do a lot more than lift your booty with daily squats (note to self: ice is your friend).

The biggest perk about 30-Day Challenges? They don't have to be crazy, change-your-entire-life-around, find-another-hour-in-your-day, things. They can be as simple as making time to drink tea every evening (yes, that's on here). And in this list, that's what they are are, simple things to do each day, again and again for 30 days.

A quick tip before I send you off to this giant list of awesomeness. Pick no more than THREE things on here to do at a time. I know, I know, you may want to do more than that (because they sound BALLER!) but seriously, if you take on too many new changes, you'll burnout quicker than your first car doing donuts at 2am in that parking lot the cops totally didn't know about.

You can also use this list for 30 days, trying a new idea each day.

I've even created a calendar tracker and this entire list for you to print out and track your progress. So you can do any and all of these again and again.

Grab a pen, think of a friend you might want to do a challenge with, and hold on tight for all the ideas that are about to come your way.


101 30-Day Self-Care Challenge Ideas (Epic Bald Eagle Sound effect)

  1. Meditate for 5-10 Minutes a Day

  2. Write down 3 things you're grateful for

  3. Do at least 25 jumping jacks

  4. Sit down at the table for breakfast every morning

  5. Read for 15 minutes before bed each night

  6. Light incense or a candle when you get home

  7. Write a letter to someone every day

  8. Write down one thing each day you love about yourself

  9. Watch 30 minutes of that show you've been meaning to catch up on

  10. Make the bed each morning first thing

  11. Cook a meal for yourself each day

  12. Take a walk rain or shine

  13. Get up 20 minutes earlier than your regular time

  14. Spend 15 minutes each day organizing a space in your home

  15. Write a letter to your future self using FutureMe.org (imagine how fun it will be to read 30 days of letters to yourself later on)

  16. Give yourself a daily facial

  17. Go on a short bike ride

  18. Drink half your body weight in oz of water

  19. 30 days of Random acts of kindness

  20. Eat an apple/banana/orange/piece of fruit each day

  21. Complete a Crossword or Sudoku Puzzle

  22. Morning affirmations

  23. Floss 2x a day

  24. Use lotion on your hands

  25. Watch How To Videos on something you've always wanted to learn (check YouTube)

  26. Solo Dance Parties

  27. 15 minutes of listening to your favorite music

  28. Sitting in nature

  29. Cuddling with a pet

  30. Text a friend and let them know why they matter to you

  31. Take a bubble bath

  32. Watch funny YouTube videos

  33. Skype a friend or family member (even for a few minutes)

  34. Watch sunset or sunrise

  35. Give up alcohol for 30 days

  36. Take a photo of something that makes you happy

  37. Write down one thing each day that made you laugh

  38. Spend 10 minutes drawing or doodling -- even if you think you "can't"

  39. Write down a quote or something powerful you heard each day

  40. Make tea before bed

  41. Write yourself a note for the next day

  42. Donate one thing from your home every day for a month

  43. Knit or crochet

  44. Spend time coloring

  45. Work on an art project

  46. Paint a rock

  47. Give yourself a hand and foot massage

  48. Watch a TED Talk

  49. Stretch

  50. Try Yoga

  51. Learn a new word

  52. Eat meals without your phone or TV

  53. Take a power nap

  54. Commute to work without your car

  55. Write a Thank You note/card

  56. Take a walk without your phone

  57. Sweat

  58. Go to the local pool

  59. Drink green tea

  60. Start your morning with a green smoothie

  61. Go a month without makeup

  62. Walk 10,000 steps

  63. Take 10 deep breaths in and out in the morning and before bed

  64. Bake something (bring the leftovers to work or give to someone in need)

  65. Write down something you did each day that made you feel proud

  66. Keep a list of what you accomplished each day

  67. Start a Bullet Journal

  68. Keep track of your expenses

  69. Listen to a guided relaxation

  70. Drive somewhere new

  71. Visit a new coffee shop/store/area of your town

  72. Go to a park

  73. Visit the library

  74. Go 30 days without watching TV

  75. Drink seltzer water instead of soda

  76. Make time each day to do absolutely nothing

  77. Turn off all electronics after 7pm

  78. Write down negative thoughts and cross them out

  79. Set a bedtime and stick to it

  80. Look in the mirror and say out loud what you love about your body

  81. Try daily dry brushing

  82. Pull a daily Tarot or Oracle card for fun

  83. Make a wish

  84. Add a page to your Buddha Book

  85. Add more Feng Shui to your home

  86. Set a reminder every few hours to check in on yourself

  87. Clean something in your house

  88. Switch to natural DIY household cleaners

  89. Remove added sugar from your diet each day

  90. Stop drinking any caffeine after Noon

  91. Eat something green with each meal

  92. Log what you eat each day

  93. Create a list of books you want to read, movies you want to see, etc.

  94. Create a Google Doc for all your ideas and add to it daily

  95. Pack your lunch for the day the night before

  96. Clean the kitchen/set the coffee for the next day

  97. Stay off the internet in the evening

  98. Add to your visualization board

  99. Ask a new person each day what makes them happier than anything else

  100. Do something spontaneous or out of the ordinary

  101. Read an article each day from a website that inspires you (like TinyBuddha)


Sarah Steckler