Want undivided access to my brain? Book a session with me where you can ask me anything about Podcasting, Self-Publishing, Running an Online Business, Blogging, or anything under the scope of Mindful Productivity! I can also help you with creative brainstorming!


What I can help you with

  • Self-Publishing Tips & Resources

  • Podcasting Support, Tech Setup & Hosting

  • Content Creation Brainstorming

  • Starting Your Online Business

  • Creating a journaling practice

  • Automating aspects of your personal life or business

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Productivity Skills

You can ask me as many questions as we can fit into an hour!


Working with Sarah was one of the best decisions I've made for my business - the knowledge she shared with me in one hour would've taken me weeks to collect and sort and put together on my own and with her vast experience with both Journal Creation as well as Podcasting, she was able to provide an insight that I probably wouldn't have gotten at all. Not only is Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable but she's also the most encouraging, kindest soul you'll find. She reinforced my trust in my own ideas, left me excited to work on it and with an "If you have any further questions, you can email anytime!", I highly recommend working with her and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much for your time and effort, Sarah!

-Viktoria Undessor,


What to Expect

This session is about YOU and will be customized to your needs

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What You’ll Need

Make sure to download Zoom (a free web conferencing tool) ahead of time. You’ll need access to a computer with a microphone (and camera if you want to show your face) so we can talk. I’ll be able to share my screen during our time together as we go through your questions or brainstorm your next project! Please also bring a pen and a notebook or open up a Google Doc to record any notes you may wish to take.

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You can ask me as many questions as we can fit into the one hour session. I keep these relaxed and free flow. You are free to jump around with your questions and ideas and I’ll guide you in bringing it all together. We may do a screen share during our time together if needed. I will be able to send you links and resources within our chat window as well as after our session. If for some reason I am unable to address a question during our time together, I will get you the answer via email afterwards.

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I’ve been running my business since 2015 and have been blogging since 2010. I run the Mindful Productivity Podcast that’s grown to over 50,000 downloads in a little over a year and I’ve self-published over 10 journals that now bring in consistent passive monthly income. I’ve worked with over 100 clients and love holding a relaxed and comfortable space where we can dream big and plan out how things will unfold!


FEE $250


*Please note that I retain the right to decline to disclose proprietary information or answer questions that may put myself or my business at risk.